The Beginning Blog

I am here at home in the middle of a school day because my kiddo is out sick. As I sit watching the rain fall and enjoying the quiet, my mind keeps coming back to my Granny and her journalling. When she died I discovered that she kept journals about her daily life from big to small. I thought that as a mother of 2 sons there are things I would like to journal about. Blessed by the wonderful world of “blogs” its easier than ever. So here is my shot…or at least the first. I am definitely getting ahead of myself.

My name is Carmen. I am a 31 years old wife, mother, and 2nd grade teacher. I have a STRONG addiction to reading and essential oils. I am alway looking for ways to be healthier and live a more nontoxic lifestyle. IMG_5414.JPG

NP is six years old going on 35. He is too smart for his own good (He wants to be a deep space astronaut…I know crazy right). His eagerness to learn is captivating. CJ is 2 years old with the attitude of a teenager. He is fearless, all-go and very stubborn. I couldn’t have two more different children.The hubby works in the oil refinery biz and is extremely outdoorsy…not sure if that is a word. We love in Southeast Louisiana and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

My intention with this blog is to just journal about my life with my family, friends as well as my likes, loves and experiences.


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