The Little Things The Get Me Through The Day

Last summer my hubby was diagnosed with a medical issue (of the back) most men don’t ever get or when they do they are in there 60s. It was a complete shock to our family. Terrifying that one day he may those his mobility. I felt scared, helpless, and a complete and utter failure. As the matriarch, my job is to care for my little clan, offer comfort and make everything better. In the hubby’s case, some of these things I just couldn’t do. His issue was affecting every part of his life…sleep, mobility, overall happiness. Around this same time, I realized that NP, who was six years old, still wasn’t sleeping through the night regularly. He would just be up and wondering around sometimes playing. NP would, of course, wake up moody and tired.

As the caregiver I decided that enough was enough, there had to be something that could offer my family support, so the teacher me researched. I researched the medicine pamphlets the doctor gave the hubby…those side effects and testimonials were JAWDROPPING. I researched reasons why my kiddo wasn’t getting a restful sleep. Through my readings I discovered essential oils. A dear friend was already using them and raved about the support they provided her family. So the hubby and I decided to give it a try. This little kit changes our lives.psk

We started by blending a few oils together for the hubby’s back in hopes that some relief could be found. I will admit he was skeptical at first. He kept saying it was like VOODOO (from south Louisiana it totally possible ;). After some consistent use he was feeling relief. We were even diffusing oils to promote restful sleep at night. The hubby noticed over the first few days he was feeling better…waking up rested with energy, decent mobility and (I noticed) a better mood. Think about it, the quality of rest you get the night before sets up what kind of day you have coming next. We were AMAZED. We jumped on the chance to get some diffusers into the boys rooms especially NP to see if the would provide similar support with sleep. JACKPOT…NP starting sleep all night and woke up rested and in better moods. I will admit too that the oils my hubby would fix every night in the diffuser had me DROOLING too. LOL14054964_1133111263399444_7649565757162697731_n

It is truly incredible how TRANSFORMATIVE essential oils has been to my house/clan as a whole. They are our go-to any time our bodies need some extra support. I am in love with the fact that when a need arises all I have to do it take a stroll to my kitchen and retrieve a oil or two to support our bodies to do what it needs to do. The kiddos love our oils too. When an issues pops up they are asking for them.

Essential Oils have become an integral part of my day as well. At the beginning of the year I decided to start living with intention. Too much of my day sometime is wasted to things that are not making my life better or making me better as a person. Here a glimpse into my day with oils.

I start off my getting my diffuser going when I get out of bed. I picking oils that are uplifting and energizing. I brush my teeth with toothpaste infused with essential oils from my smile brightening. I always put some oil on as “perfume” but they usually get my in a great mood too. My sister-in-law gave my a diffuser necklace for Christmas that I wear daily. I wonderful to constant be breathing in the fragrance and benefiting from the oil’s properties especially teaching my 2nd graders most of the day. There are a few I use to help my focus on my blessings and the day’s task ahead. I have even replaced my face regiment with products I made that contain our essential oils. I has become very important to me to know what is in the products we are using in our house.img_0547

I truly do no know where our lives would be without our essential oils. We are a much happier family using them. The hubby is feeling his issues are more manageable, EVERYONE is sleeping amazing. We are in control of our own wellness. The empowerment that comes with that is refreshing…to know I can provide my family with the they need to offer their bodies more support when that time comes.

Young Living Essential Oils have also opened my family to a wealth of opportunities both for body support and finances. Our lives have really been TRANSFORMED!!!!


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