Wacky Week

Apologizes for being MIA, however our weekend/week was filled to the gills. Last Friday was a mad dash to the grocery store. I like to shop at the end of the work-week then have the weekend to get my food prepped. I started in January with a 21-Day Sugar Detox which was amazing. You know the first 4-5 days sucked big time. At the end though I was feeling great..much more energy. I even noticed my skin looked better. Once the detox was over I jumped right into a Whole 30/Paleo eating lifestyle. I don’t regret it at all. My body hasn’t felt this amazing ever, not even when I was exercising like a mad woman. I am floored at how fundamental your nutrition is. If you nutrition sucks, it doesn’t matter how much you exercise something will always feel off.img_2523**The containers came from Amazon.

Many people have said that these two eating concepts are different. I am a firm believer that in order for you to be successful at anything you have to create a balance that works for you. A mix of Paleo and Whole 30 works for me!!!

Trucking onto Saturday, we were running around that chickens with our heads cut off. I have always been an adult leader in my son’s cub scout pack as Advancement Chair. Around Christmas his Tiger den ended up without a leader. I stepped in because my kid loves scouts and I wanted his den to continue to move forward. The time had come for our 1st annual Pinewood derby. NP was so jacked about racing his derby car that him and his daddy built. We had a blast. The boys had so much fun racing and hanging out. CP even had fun supervising with another scout day. NP ended up placing 3rd in his den. I am so proud of his sportsmanship.

Then the week commenced…my emotional and mental wellbeing was challenged. I have two cases in my classroom that I keep fighting for and working for but am making no headway. Deep down I know both matters are out of my control however I can’t just stop caring for those little friends. I turned and relied heavily on my essential oils to get me through and provide support. I am so grateful for them when I feel stress out, out of control and need awaken to the blessing in my life. img_0644

Oh let me give you some insight into my personality. I grew up with a single mother who struggled to support my brother and I. There were utilities that were constantly being shut up due to no payment. So as an adult, I struggle to “treat” myself because never again did I want to be poor. WELL last week I worked up the “umph” to by something for myself that I didn’t need. The diffuser bracelets (From FlourishLeatherCo on Etsy) above were part of the “treat”. I LOVE them. They are so comfortable. I put a drop of each oil on separate bands. It provided skin contact for my body to absorb them and I could smell its fragrance all day. I also picked up some LuLRue Valentine leggings. I am addicted to those….LMAO. I think I have about 10 leggings, 3 Amelias, 2 Irmas, 1 Julia, 1 Classic T. I am waiting for the bestie to come over for coffer today. She picked up 2 more leggings a purchase this week. YEAH ADDICTED….LOL!!!img_1383-2


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