Survived Valentine’s Day

So everyone needed snacks this year for v-day. At my school the faculty is assigned a month (aka lounge committee). During that month you can bring treats for the staff. Most pick a day within the month to provide lunch. We picked Valentine’s day… :\


So here was the treat menu: (clockwise starting with the green container)

White Chocolate Chip Cookies 

S’more mix made with Goldfish S’more with Valentines M&M added.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Valentines Chex Mix

Triple Berry Tiramisu

Valentine’s Crack – not picture…not sure where it was when I took the pic

The cookies were for my little Tiger Cub Scouts meeting on Monday. S’more treats were for NP’s class. The chex mix was for the hubby to bring to the dudes at work. The crack and tiramisu was for my school staff lunch.

The most surprising recipe was the tiramisu. It was so light and fluffy. So the funny things about this recipe was I printed all the recipes before my weekend shop. I hovered over them for days making sure I had everything I would need. –I hate going back to the store once I have shopped for the upcoming week.– I go to make everything Sunday to realize I didn’t find ladyfingers so I replaced those with the dessert cups most people use for strawberry shortcakes. Then the marscapone cream was MIA as well. So I just used cream cheese instead. I also just bought a bag of frozen mixed berries since berries aren’t in season right now. For the first time making this, it will definitely be a go-to dessert this summer. It was refreshing, not overly sweet and I love icebox treats.

**Non-topic tibit…(maybe not since it was a pre-valentine’s day treat to myself) I am currently working on another book challenge pick #3 – King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard. I am mesmorized in the most wonderful way. I just started yesterday and am already on page 189. I can’t put it down. Maybe its the fact that I now its the last of the series so the anticipation of how the story will “officially” ended…I don’t know. I eat up series that take me on a spellbinding and magical journey. Its the bases of why I read…for the adventure.




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