Workouts, Oils, Gender Reveal, OH MY!


This week felt different in terms of every day has been packed to the gills. First Monday is Cub Scouts of curious. The boys are nearing the end of the adventures. They will have their “rank-up” ceremony in May. NP will move from Tiger to Wolf. I do not regret allowing NP to be in scouts. It has push him out of his shell.

Wednesday is religion which is almost over for the school year as well. It has been interesting having NP talk and ask questions about our faith.

I had a great evening Science meeting where I learned some great hands on science activities and the direction that the new state standards will require. Much more STEM…science, technology, engineering and math. All the things that make science COOL.

I have also discovered some amazing oil blends this week. I have had some diffuser (leather) bracelets for about a month. I wore them…they are cute.  I started putting on drop of oil on the underside where it contacts my skin for a topical result. I am in love  with these 3. Stress Away for exactly what it says, Awaken to open my eyes to the possibilities of the day and Excite because there is something everyday to get excited about.

We diffuse every night as well but these trio has been FANTASTIC. One of my fellow oil friends posted this in on of our Facebook groups (I like Tuesday). We were worn out by then so I thought we would try. I fixed this blend in all 3 diffusers and it was heaven. We all rested very well and woke up refreshed. I LOVE MY ESSENTIAL OILS.

I also started Round 2 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox this week. I has been harder than the first round. After Mardi Gras I felt “blah”. We drink, ate…well, and had a blast but my body paid for it. I have been thinking since this week has not gone that great I may restart Monday. I wasn’t as prepped as I normally am plus we are hosting my sister-in-law’s gender reveal party this weekend. Yeah…I think I may need a do-0ver. Also I am struggling to be consistent with my workouts. I already wake up around 5 am. I have been using this as my “quiet time” to read or blog. I have always love Chalene Johnson’s PIYO. I have done more rounds of that than I can count. I was my soulmate workout. However I am thinking that since I am struggling to do those workouts regularly then maybe I need to look at something new. I was taking BARRE classes at my local fitness studio last summer and loved it. After some searching for something in DVD or streaming format, I think I have decided on Pure Barre DVDs.PUreBarre

My only concern is that their is no schedule from what I can tell to incorporate these DVDs together. I will have to do some internet surfing to see if anyone has put together an outline. I am really excited to give this a try. My nutrition has improved greatly over the last few years. Since building our house I found the eating has stayed great but the fitness has slacked big time. I know my little family is always running around with our obligations. However, I am beginning to feel like this may give me what I need… some time for me. Plus I used to love working out. I loved that feeling when a workout was finished and when my body felt stronger. YES YES YES. I want to do this and get that part i loved so much back.

The hubby and I also hosted his sisters gender reveal for her baby Saturday. What a fun time we had. The house was full of laughter and kids running around…bliss.IMG_1097

And what do you know, my two rowdy boys will be getting a sweet baby girl…Amelia Hayli. we couldn’t be happier for them. With the hubby being Paron, we can’t wait to get the opportunity to by the cute ruffly girlie stuff.17308956_1804155139837399_3005194192307074696_n


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