New Things…New Possibilities

I have been making an effort to get healthier and more “whole”…”natural”. Upon these new things and changes, I have stumbled across some amazing goodies.

First off is the Balanced Bites podcast. I discovered Diane Sanfilippo through the Practical Paleo book. It was amazing to look at food differently and have outlines for your different health needs. The podcast has a wide array of episodes. The one I am listening to now is #287 that interviews Robb Wolf. They discuss his new book about Wired to Eat. I am totally hooked into this episode that I have been walking around my house with my ears buds. I just want to though this out there…I am not a fitness or nutrition guru. I have been researching and reading about how my overall wellness is affected by so much from lack of sleep, stress, poor habits, emotions, etc.


Another thing I have recently purchased was some new seasoning. Since my January Sugar Detox food taste differently. I wanted to purchase some paleo seasoning. I am no longer comfortable with some of the seasoning that are available at my local store. There are 4 seasoning in this set. I only bought 3 because they seem to have the blend of spices that my family would be most receptive to. I will try to post some dishes when I use them.IMG_1138

I also have been using the AsanaRebel app. I really enjoyed the 15 minutes daily workouts. They are quick and easy to fit into my day. I was not to sure at first about only a 15 minute workout. I am used to going to group classes that last an hour or some at-home programs that are equally as long. I can say with confidence after 6 consecutive days of using the app I feel a different. The sore muscles are definitely there. I purchased the PureBarre workout DVDs (I mentioned them in a previous post). I am hoping to get them in by the end of the month.1489160838522

The hubby also mailed me a fabulous gift I have only had my eye on for over a year. I must have spent hours playing around on it making some goodies. The possibilities are endless. My mind is reeling over the projects I have yet to dream up. I am so gitty I can’t contain myself.

I learned calligraphy from my Granny when I was on junior high. So when I stumbled upon this amazing Instagram – Chalk Full of Love. When I learned about their hand lettering I had to get it and pick up another hobby. I am so excited to get started on something new.IMG_1165


**Reading Challenge update – I am still on pause with the challenge. I am elbow deep in The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. I have never read mystery/suspense. I am not sure I will have finger nails left when I reach the end.


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