Just the Four Folses Taking a Vacay!


2017 Folse Vacation!!!

NP has a goal to be an astronomer. He has had this aspiration for a while. So in the spring the hubby and I decided to make the drive to Texas and take him to NASA.


So we were off to experience Texas. We trekked the 5.5 hours from our home to Webster, TX. The boys did great on the road. They quickly became some travel pros.



I can tell you all of us totally geeked out. NASA was awesome. There are so much to see and so much information to absorb. It was incredible. NP loved it. We even took the tram ride to see the NASA compound and Rocket Park.

We were actually supposed to make another stop to another place for the boys to experience but ended up staying at NASA for 4 hours.


After riding high from NASA, we meet up with my step-sister who lived not far for dinner. She brought her little girls. Our kiddos finally got to meet. We ate at a place called Jimmy Changa’s. The food was great. They even had this outdoor play area for the kid which was great after having the kids in the car for hours the night before and at NASA for hours earlier that day. I have missed her so it was nice catching up.


DAY 2 – The Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Children’s Museum

We will continued to have geeked out moments on our second day. The Houston Museum  of Natural Science was INCREDIBLE! We saw dinosaur fossils, crown jewels, huge gemstones, as well as Egyptian and Roman artifacts.


The Houston Children’s Museum is on crack…Sensory overload in the best way including an outdoor water area. Event the hubby and I were like kids.


Needless to say we had an AMAZING time on our 2017 Summer Vacation. It was busy, exhausting but an experience with my boys that was priceless.


This was our first “road-trip” with the boys. Here are some things I learned about traveling with my kiddos:

  • Pack easy snacks like crackers, gummies, honey grahams, chex mix **Also bring cups/bowls that you can pour into….every car has cupholders. Less mess!!!
  • Bring things to keep them occupied like color books, tablets, DVDs
  • Comfy things are a necessities like blankets and pillow for napping
  • Potty stops about every 1-1.5 hours. My little one wasn’t asking on the journey even though he asks at home. So we made a point to make pit stops.
  • Pick meal places that provide energy-releasers like a play areas. Being coped up in the car can be hard for them.
  • Find a hotel with an indoor pool. It was by sheer accident this happened, but ended as a blessing. It was hard to contain them in the hotel room in the evenings after supper. So the pool was a nice option.



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