2nd Annual Girls Weekend



2017 Girls Weekend to Biloxi was great –our 2nd annual in fact. We added an extra day this year, going over on Thursday and leaving on Sunday. Its always good for the soul as a woman to hangout and spend time with other women. Am I right???

The girls and I spent time at the beach as well as the poolside. We hit the casino a bit too. I only lost $10- GO ME! Just relaxing and enjoying a slower pace, is alway nice.

We also ate at some great restaurants. Thursday night we went to Snappers where their shrimp platter was delicious. Friday night’s stop was the Half-Shell Oyster house. I got the Blackened Grouper with Sweet Potato Creme Brûlée that was phenomenal. The brûlée is out of this world. Our last night’s supper was at Cheryl’s Steakhouse. OMG! That steak was seasoned beautifully and cooked to perfection. I love a steakhouse that doesn’t have steak sauce and doesn’t need it.

If you are ever in Biloxi, you should check out those eat joints. You will not be disappointed.

~Until next year ladies… 🙂

**Book for the Trip!


I read Zodiac by Romina Russell. This book was a great surprise. I will admit I was attracted to the cover art as well as the mythology of the zodiac we know. I wasn’t expecting it to be this girl that is thrown into this amazingly terrifying journey through the world that consist of groups of people that belong one of the 12 zodiacs. The ringer is that a mystery arises of a 13th zodiac. It is considered YA but sometimes (for me) they are the best and most exciting reads.

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