Back to School Season…ALREADY?!


IMG_3160.JPGYes…I know its that time again. As a teacher its a mix of emotions, from sadness that summer almost over to the excitement of meeting my new kiddos. My own kids, however, are ready. My oldest is anxious to see his friends again. He is like a sponge so school never gets old for him. I think I am also ready to get back to a routine. Our summers are just a free-for-all. YEP!

The uniforms are washed and ready. MiMi hooked the boys up with new kicks (shoes). “It has to have the check Momma” is what i kept hearing. School bag is filled with supplies and lunch box matches…LOL! I am on the hunt for a thermos though. My oldest isn’t keen on all the school food so a few days a week we pack him a meal from home. I checked Academy and they only had official “camping” ones for like $30. I think not. I will check Walmart and Target this week. They must have a smaller more kid-friendly thermos. Dunno.

Surprisingly the school supply list wasn’t too bad this year. I know when I make the one for my classroom I try to be conscious of the total cost of the list. We don’t get much if any from the school but no one should get broke buying supplies.

Back to school supplies./////Here are some tips I use for this task you might find useful:\\\\\

***I did do something different this year that you may find useful. I took a pic of the supply list. As I found things, like orange and purple pronged folders (those things are hard to find) I used the “markup” feature in my “photos” to scratch it off. So no matter where I was, I had the list and what was already purchased was marked off already.

***We get our supply list when we get the final report card in May. So what I did was started looking at the stores school supplies sections start the week of the 4th of July. I AM AWARE THATS EARLY…HAHA! Thats usually when stores begin to put out supplies. I was able to grab those hard to grab colored folders and compositions notebooks. Believe it or not, as an educator, those colors make a difference. Many times we will refer to the notebook/folder by color…”Take out your blue Math folder”. Its easier for kids to recognized in a desk full of other things. 🙂

***Take your list and start purchasing in $20 increments each week. Of course I started with the folder and compositions…LOL! Freakin’ colors man!! It helps soften the blow/cost when you can get a little bit at a time.

IMG_3161.JPGAlso while we were stocking up for the beginning of a new school year, we  made sure we were good to go with our essential oils that the boys use regularly. These bottle of awesomeness support my kiddos (and lets be honest here…my hubby and I) with our emotions, homework/study time and sleep quality. School is very stressful these days for kids. The stacks are very high at a young age. We find that in moments where we have a homework tantrum, test anxiety or trouble falling asleep due to worry, our oils helps us get through. If you would like me to help you learn about essential oils, just click my “contact” button.

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  1. Jamie Ledet says:

    Great back to school shopping tips!!


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