My Birthday #32….They just keep getting better!!!

I have a special connection to August. It is my birthday month…its in my favorite season…growing up school hadn’t started yet. Unfortunately as a teacher, I am in school for my birthday but its all good.

This year I had a pretty amazing birthday weekend. I found an awesome moscato cocktail recipe. I LOVE (yes thats capitals) moscato. I don’t drink often but enjoy the occasional adult beverage…LOL! Its called Berry Moscato. Here is what you will need::

  • Moscato (of your choice)
  • Frozen berries (to choice the “berry” blend of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries)

I was delicious. The frozen berries kept the wine chilled. Then has it defrost it gives your moscato a wonderful berry flavor. YUM!


Saturday morning was a rare event. I wake up to find the whole house already awake. Not often do I sleep in. My kiddos are chickens…haha. We had a quiet morning just hanging out at home. With our lives being so “on the go”, I love when it works out to stay home and relax with the oil diffuser going (that birthday blend was kicking). The hubby goes run errands and come home with coffee and beer…he’s a keeper. If you haven’t tried the Michelob Ultra Amber, you are missing out for sure. That evening we went eat out at our favorite seafood restaurant in town when I have the great idea of getting my two boys to give me a kiss on my cheek for a pic. It turned out to be that they are cute but a pain in the butt to take.

Sunday my hubby decided to cook. Holy Moly…I thought it was going to snow. He can cook but doesn’t every often. I felt so lucky…LOL. My mom and in-laws came over to eat. The brown sugar, bacon-wrapped pork loin with white beans was fantastic. So was the Southern Strawberry cake 🙂

Also a few days before my birthday, we had a new addition to the family. My sis-in-law’s bundle of cuteness Baby A arrived. She’s adorably tiny. I got a few opportunities to get some girlie snuggling in. My rowdy wild things don’t often want to snuggle and their is usually lots of testosterone around here. LMAO!!!! I can see me going snatch her up when I need some girl time.

Another great thing to happen is I read an incredible book that WOWed me.


OMG!!! This was so not what I expected in the best way possible. I have loved Jane Austen since I read Emma for a high school book report. After getting hooked on her books, I began to learn about the author herself. I found her body of work fascinating and always wondered what it would have been like if she was have lived a longer life and wrote more books. This book gave me all of that and much more. The twist and turns were spellbounding. The connection drawn to Jane within the book was one that can only be dreamt. If you are an Austen fan, please read this. You will fall in love with her all over again.


***Sorry this was a long and random post. Its been a while since I posted with school starting and getting our lives back on a routine.


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