Look Around…Blessings are everywhere!

HOLY MOLY it’s HOLIDAY BREAK!!! The boys and I are finally out of school until the new year. WOOHOO!!!


My wild things have been up since 6am 😳 so coffee was the first thing on the agenda this morning. As a sit and enjoy this hug in a mug, I can’t help reflecting on the year I have had. I have had some rough patches like everyone else but I have had so many blessing:

  • My amazing, loving family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦…we are all in good health and happy. The hubby and I are working hard to instill good values and continue to create a loving, supportive environment for our boys. The hubby is still my best friend who can ask for more. He works hard to make sure we have everything we need and some of the things we wants. He gives with little regard to himself. My oldest still amazes me everyday with his drive and desire to be a physicist for NASA. The conversations he has with me are nothing short of OUT OF THIS WORLD! CJ has such a kind heart and is learning at such a fast rate…he is going to excel at street smarts. LOL! He has such this outgoing personality that is hilarious. **Believe it or not we finally got snow in Southeast Louisiana two weeks ago. The boys were amazed and ecstatic having the opportunity to make a snowman & snowball fights for the first time in their lives. They are asking to go see snow next Christmas already.


  • My Young Living biz and tribe💧…This business has brought freedoms into our house along and opened our eyes to some wonderful products (oils, supplements, personal care items…I can go on for days) that allow us to live a more natural nontoxic lifestyle.  We can support our minds…no one wants to see our cray 😜 and our bodies. The YL tribe of incredible women I have meet are truly amazing and supportive. They share and collaborate with no other motive but pure generosity. I know they are always just a call away. I am so grateful to call them all friends. **We meet once a month to have some girl time and share biz ideas/classes. They are always full of smiles and warm hugs. As mothers, wives, career woman, girl time is a priceless.


  • Positive changes…Let’s be honest negativity is draining but is hard to escape in today’s world. It is easy for my to feel down about myself. I tend to be a hot mess and have a million tasks on my mind which always leads to me forgetting something. Hence the circle of “why can’t I keep it together like other people”. However this year I have worked hard on having a more positive approach to life; Letting this go of things that are out of my control, worrying only about the people who bring value and joy to my life. I definitely feel lighter 🙃. I have also leaned on my essential oils for support too like Release, Gratitude and Into the Future. **I have read some great books that have helps. I have learned that changes start inward first.

‼️Life is too short to rob ourselves of every bit of happiness and opportunity that is out there. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND REACH YOUR GOALS‼️

🎄My Christmas Wish is for others, who may be struggling even those who are not, to find peace and purpose. Look around you…there are blessings everywhere. You just have to be open and ready to see them. 🎄


Happy Holidays to all!!! —Carmen



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