You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

The idea that everyone else has to come first is something I have struggled with for a while. Hence today’s title. I think everyone deserves to do some things for themselves. This year I have decided to work on my eating habits and my emotions.

I have been having too many excuses toward not taking care of my body to the best of my ability: my work, my kids, my house, not wanting to wake up early, too many things to do. You name it I have used it. Who do I think I am the President or the Queen?! In retrospect I am not any busier than all the other moms/wives/working girls I know.

**Isn’t it crazy how our human nature thrives on connections with others (We are not alone.) yet we think our feelings are only our own. No way others could feel this way too…LOL

I have slowly started to make my family’s eating more whole food/Paleo way. I have done a sugar detox before and couldn’t believe how great I felt at the end of the 21 days.


So I figured I would do another. Any step in the right directions is better than nothing…Right?! I decided to purchase Diane Sanfilippo’s Daily Guide. It is much more user friendly than her original detox book…not like that one wasn’t great.

*****See the bottom of this post for my experiences through Week One. I will keep you posted on my progress at the end of each week.

Also to help me start my new year on the right foot, I am leaning more about my essential oils. I have always loved them but now I LOVE THEM MORE!!! But find myself not grabbing for them as much as I used to. I just ordered a few new ones like Release and Gratitude because those are my two focuses this year…letting go of things I can not control and being grateful for my many blessings.



I will also be sharing more of my essential oils as well. They are so much a part of my family’s life. We use them for our overall body and mind wellness.


21 Day Sugar Detox Week One –

Using the new daily guide

First off, I am loving the format of this book. It is much easier to follow. I appreciate how it helps me to stay prepped with up coming meals and provides great tips/perspective.

Week 1

Overall the first week wasn’t bad. I felt full most days. Energy was good but definitely felt tired come early evening. My mood was good. I also started completing Tabata circuits picking a body zone a day. Tabatas are great and can be done anywhere like my kitchen while I was cooking supper…LOL! ***Added plus I lost 2.4 pounds.

Week 2

My confidence level was sky-high during this time. I don’t remember feeling this confident the first time I did this detox. Still felt full most days. So not used to that. My energy has picked up and I also don’t feel bloated. I can see a visible different in my overall appearance. ***Another added plus I lost another pound.

Week 3

I definitely had a slip. My hubby is carnival king this year and he had a party to celebrate. Meals wise I did good staying away from the processed food, however I was not match for the cake. I had a few slices. I so felt like death the next day. Lesson learned!!!


I am definitely continuing this way of eating. I have slowly started to incorporate the fruits back into my days. Overall, I feel great with lots of energy and none of that bloating feeling.

~~Hey y’all…I am a teacher and essential oil educator. I am not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before starting any program. These are my personal accounts.

To a new year and the best you!!!! – Carmen



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