5 Powerful Ways to Support Your Life With Essential Oils

I initially thought this would be a great blog post…informative and fun to compile. I love my oils, they are in my other blod post, why not share more.

What was I thinking?! How am I going to narrow it done to five?!

Well since I throw it out there I will try my best to narrow my list. HAHA!

Post 1 Essential Oils Defined

Just a bit about my oily journey…

My family and have been using oil for almost two years now. At first I wasn’t sold that they would work.

I know I am not the only one who is thinking or thought this!! Cray cray, voodoo, hippie stuff??

Little by little my family starting using oils for a variety of different ways:

  • promote better sleep quality
  • emotional support
  • maintain your body
  • make our house smell good
  • Skin care and a ton more

My boys remind me every night to fix their “smoke” aka diffusers. The possibilities are endless.

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#1 – Sleep Quality

It is amazing how much better you feel when you get a good night’s sleep. Think about it?!

I am a total dragon lady when I don”t get my beauty sleep.

We rub them under our big toe and diffuse them as well. There is an incredible array of essential oils that supports a better sleep such as Vetiver, Cedarwood, Peace and Calming, Bergamot just to name a few.

These are our family sleepy oil favs…

#2 – Emotions

Let’s face it…adulting is hard. We are all trying to juggle 20 things at one time in our fast paced world of 2018.

Heck even the demand of kids school load today is off the chart….just ask my eight year old who writes essays with evidence.

As a wife, mother of two rowdy boys and 2nd grade teacher, I feel the cray-cray creeping up daily. That constant hamster in a wheel thing…emotions running on overload.

These are my to-go’s:

  • Release – getting rid of all that bad ju-ju
  • Awaken – to be open to new possibilities
  • Inspiration – obvious right?!…plus I use as a perf.ume
  • White Angelica – everyone has cray-cray to hide
  • Valor – when I need to be brave like during my teacher observations
  • Stress Away – not that hard to figure out…LOL


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#3 – Body Bits

Our bodies are amazing incredible machines. They are programed to know how to combat, fix and function.

“The roof the roof the roof is on fire” marks the germ fighter.

Oils can help you body maintain its wellness and work as it should. Here are a few…

  • Theives – promote immune function
  • RC – uplift and open before working out
  • Purification – soothes skin
  • Peppermint – eases tension
  • Digize – support digestive health
  • Panaway – comfort and warmth to muscles


#4 – Wonderful Smelling House

If you ever have spare time, you need to look up whats in household air freshener. I mean scary…Toxic Oveerload!

Spare time…not sure I know what that is. LOL

Diffusers are a great tools to freshen your house. They each have different settings and run for different amounts of time.

Ylang Ylang, Palo Santo, Citrus Fresh, Joy and Jade Lemon are great to diffuse alone. I even match the blends to my mood at times.


#5 – Skin Care

There are single oils that can support your skin needs in wonderful ways. Who doesn’t want more glowing skin?!

Actually its the first thing I used my oil for.

  • Geranium – support tender skin (I can see mine and I’m only 32.)
  • Helicrysum – support tender skin
  • Lavender – dry skin
  • Melrose – challenging skin
  • Tea Tree – may reduce blemishes


There are easy DIY recipes to make your own face wash, toner, serum and moisturizer that will come in a post later this month. If you thought the air freshener stuff was scary don’t look up skin care ingredients.

Stunning Lavender Field Landscape Summer Sunset With Single Tree On Horizon

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