Mardi Gras…A Marathon Not A Sprint

USA, New Orleans, Louisiana, Mardi Gras mask hanging on balcony's railingCarnival in Southeast Louisiana is a survival of the fittest kinda thing. Let’s just say it isn’t for the faint of heart.

Cause holy moly I am still recovering.

Mardi Gras parades roll for about 4 weeks across Southeast LA including New Orleans. Yes I said FOUR. Festivities is my corner of the world consist of about 2 weeks worth.

It’s a family tradition is our house. It all begins when we attend the Sunday parade of Krewe of Ambrosia.

Since the hubby and I belong to a krewe we are limited to the ones we get to go to with the kids. So getting out with the fam is always great.

The boys look forward to hearing the marching bands and shouting “Throw Me Something Mister”. The toys/trinkets are what the kids go for. We couldn’t have asked for prettier weather.

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Moving right along…

My oldest’s school does a big blow-out carnival experience too. Mardi Gras is a VERY BIG DEAL HERE if you haven’t noticed!!!

Last year he was their carnival king. So this year is got to crown the new king then dance with his class.

Those kids really do get down.

My dude danced to the Evolution of Dance and it was epic covering songs from Hounddog by Elvis to Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. There was even an N’SYNC song thrown in there.

I loved the songs that took me back in time.

After the kiddie carnival, my krewe’s celebrating starts. This year my hubby was king. WOW!!!! We had a blast.

At our krewe’s ball each float dresses to match their float’s theme. This season our float was White Christmas.

Who can complain about a night of live music, dancing and hanging out with your favorite people.

Moving right along, I take the boys to my family to see the Krewe of Apollo while their daddy loads up our throws on the float.

Oh the childhood memories of mine!

As you can see a little rain doesn’t damper the party. LOL! I saw my bestie and cousin. My youngest even tried to hitch a ride.

This crazy train ends for us when our krewe rolls on the Sunday before Fat Tuesday. The Krewe of Cleophas is a much-anticipated attraction in our city.

Riding on the float is an indescribable experience. One that is wild, crazy and fantastic. We see thousands of people along the street. Many we know by name. They will even call out to us.

Maybe the craziest thing is I know people who not only do all of our city’s festivities but also NOLA’s too. OMG!


What about those people who have never been to Mardi Gras??

Here are some tips to survive Mardi Gras should you ever come to experience this for yourself…which I highly recommend.

Avoid the college/high school student areas

There is too much cray there. I suggest you find where the families are. Its much calmer. But if the cray is what you’re looking for – Go for it!

Bring a large bag/backpack

You can be outside on the route for hours. Revisions are a necessity. We always pack water and easy snacks to keep our energy up for all that catching. Plus once your food is gone, your goodies have a place to go.

Ignore all of life’s crap and let loose

ENJOY! One thing Mardi Gras is good for is helping you momentarily forget everything about adulthood that is waiting for you when reality comes back. It’s a time for having fun and seeing old pals/meeting new friends. No one standing on the route is there to worry, fret, or mope.

In the words of my French ancestors…


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Until next Mardi Gras —Carmen


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