3 Ways to Help Tackle Intense Momma Feelings

Juggling a thousands things a day can start to make you feel like Atlas holding up the Earth. As my children get older though, I am beginning to have these revelations about being a mom.

Essential Oils 1.0

Essential oils are sprinkled throughout my blog posts. I have been getting tons of questions about the voodoo (excuse my Cajun) that is essential oils. So I figured I would make a post about why I choose this path, how I got starter and what these oils do for me and my family. WHY I…

5 Sweets To Blow Away Your Peeps

Baking is my jam like I always end up being in charge of the sweets at every family event.

I thought it would be fun putting together a list of what sugar-coma will be going down this Spring Break.

Incredible Reads

Its truly an incredible experience when you read a book and have to seat down for a few minutes upon finishing to absorb the journey you were just a part of.

I just had to share with you some books that blow my socks off.

7 Amazing St. Patty’s Day Treats That Will WOW Your Guests

I feel like if you aren’t Irish St. Patrick’s Day just isn’t that big a deal. I think I could be a great opportunity to have a gathering and enjoy family and friends. So I wanted to share some of my fav St. Patty treats. Some I have made for my second grade students and…

5 Ways a “Hot Mess” Mom Keeps It Going

Being a mother is a true blessing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sometimes I fell like Atlas holding up the world. At first I thought those feelings were bad. I have these miracles so I shouldn’t complain. Not only are those feelings ok but I am not alone. So in my eight years…