Incredible Reads

Its truly an incredible experience when you read a book and have to seat down for a few minutes upon finishing to absorb the journey you were just a part of.

I just had to share with you some books that blow my socks off.

Like read each in less than 48 hours over the span of a weekend.

The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo


I just felt like I have been railroaded. Like the road runner who’s legs are still moving but he is over a cliff.

Lucy and Gabe’s life paths keep crossing. When they do its like a Earth/Moon gravitational pull that completely engulfs the characters.

I felt every emotion from joy to utter heartbreak. What a beautifully haunting experience. I kept trying to figure out what happened to Gabe, why was the connection between him and Lucy so spellbinding.

It is told in almost a journal, inner thought format. I find that style is totally immersive and intoxicating.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

This was one of the most moving, haunting and uplifting stories I have ever read.


This was one of the most moving, haunting and uplifting stories I have ever read.

My heart swing between being filled with hope Lale and is conviction that he would get out of his situation to intense heartbreak over the brutality he was forced to witness.

The story takes you on a journey of Lale and is determination to walk out of Auschwitz alive when everything is said and done. He didn’t account for Gita or the fact that he would lose 3 years of his life in condition that are unimaginable.

I recommend it without hesitation.

The Cassette Girls by Alys Arden

I get giddy when I find  book that takes place near the area I was born and raised…for me I grew up not far from New Orleans.


Let’s me just start off by saying WOW! It was great to read about places Adele went to and know where they are and what they look like.

Adele’s (and really Adeline) journey was an intricate pattern woven of past and present that at times seemed to parallel perfectly in circumstance. The history that Arden pulls into this spectacular story in wonderful.

This girl from NOLA quickly discovers that the things that make her city amazing/dangerous is really attributed to some supernatural powers at work.

The hint of mystery, bits of romance and dashes of history are a perfect cocktail.

Book of the Month

I am not sure what took me so long to give Book of the Month a try. Who can beat $14.99 each month for a hardcover book.

Holy Moly that is much cheaper that the usual hardcover price.

I joined near the end of February and got an extra credit for signing up. WOOHOO! These were my selections. I haven’t dug into them yet. My to-read list is kinda long.


I am super excited about the possibility of discovering new titles or author I can fall in love with.

Lucky for my I already read a few by Jojo Meyes so I am hoping I like them as much as the others of hers. Ruth Ellie Long is a new one for me.

I went ahead a continued my membership for March as well. I figured I would give this a try for a few months.

Come on….I really love books!

Here is my March pick:


If you would like to join me and the Book of the Month, click here. You will get a free credit toward a book of your choice.

2018 Reading Challenge Update #1

2018 Reading Challenge
2018 Reading Challenge
  1. a book published this year – The Daughter of the Siren Queen
  2. a book recommended by librarian or bestseller – The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo
  3. a book chosen by a friend –
  4. a book published the year you were born – Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLaughlin
  5. a book that has been banned at some time – The Giver by Lois Lowry
  6. a book you own but never read – One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake
  7. a book you already read at least once – Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata
  8. a book on the YA bestseller – The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
  9. a book by an author from your homestate – The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden
  10. a book with a name in the title –
  11. a book set in an intriguing city – The Little French Bitro
  12. a book that was a Goodreads Choice Award winner – Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

Not bad at all its the third month of the year and I have 4 books marked off the list.

I am leaving some blank to have the freedom of adding new finds.

Related: 2018 Reading Challenge…So many books and I am out of time!

Happy Reading! – xo Carmen


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