Starting Another Round Sugar-free

vxJ4eTodTci6OZEg5tCy1wI am starting another round of the 21-Day Sugar Detox tomorrow. I can tell when my body needs a reset. Especially after all the amazing eating of the Good Friday/Easter Sunday weekend.

I feel bloated/stuffed, lack of energy, not sleeping well, and I am very irritable. No one deserves dragon lady plus swimsuit season is upon us as well here in South Louisiana.

I have done the program a time or two already so I modify the recipes that we (the hubby and I) didn’t quite care for. I usually stick to the same protein just switch the veggie for something similar.

I also blend a few recipes from the Whole 30 books I have to add some variety. The recipes in the new daily guide however are pretty awesome.


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I also make an effort to spread my meals out and not eat the same thing every day or back-to-back. So you will see my color coding, I use that to make sure I am not eating it more than twice.

But lets be real, some things you can eat then same things every day of the week. Or it gets old real quick.

Breakfast is the only meals I find that’s easier. I usually switch those up each week.

Here is the breakdown for the rest of this week and into next week since Thursday/Friday are usually my shop days.Week 1 Meal Plan.jpeg

The Tomato Pizziola and the Smashed Brussels Sprouts are from a previous blog post about side dishes. (Its linked just below) The Chicken Fajita Salad, the frittata recipes as well as the smoothie recipe come from the new 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide book.

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WATER also very important. So I went to the store and picked up a larger cup to make sure I am drinking enough water daily. My daily intake goal is 80 ounces.


I also plan to start some tabata workouts giving each day a different body area to focus on with 20 seconds of active work with a 10 seconds of rest for at least 8 rounds with 4 separate tasks.

Erin Opera’s 4×4 Diet has some great Tabata combo in the back of the book. I grab that often.

Leading a well life is not easy most of the time. Its a series of small choices that can snowball its a negative effect quickly. I feel like as long as you are making a genuine attempt this that means something.


Stay well y’all! — xo Carmen


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