3 Ways to Survive Raising Sons


I always loved kids growing up. My brother was the first of have children in my family. Quickly his three girls joined the clan in a matter of three years.officials referee custom shirt jersey with collar mom mothers day

They are great but are constantly bickering about petty stuff. Sometimes I call him and it sounds like a WWE smackdown on the other end of the line.

Referee needed stat!

So when I gave birth to my first son I felt a little like a fish out of water. It didn’t take long to notice some pretty huge differences in watching the girls grow up and my boys.

Now that I am a proud BOY MOM to Nathan (8) and Cooper (4). I thought it was time to share some hard-earned wisdom I have gain so far.

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Always Have a First Aid Kit Handy

They are just naturally express themselves physically whether you get a hug or a slap. I have noticed with my boys that they don’t often use words.

Sometimes those physical altercations don’t end pretty…banged heads,

They are also times more daring at times. Nathan is more timid and accesses the risk. Cooper just is full throttle. Those times usually end in something bleeding.


Different Ways They Learn

As a teacher I have seen this first hand before I was blessed to be a mother. There is a big difference to the way boys learn than girls.

Boys just have more bottled up energy. So they thrive on learning that allows for movement. Girls seem to be a little better at staying seated.

Dudes also like to build their way to the end product. Hands-on works well for most (if not all children) but I have boys just shine a little more with this approach.

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Thinking Like a Boy (Jump Then Worry)

I noticed with my youngest he definitely jumps first and worries later. It’s amazing that he is so fearless but sometimes I wish he would pause for a moment.

Most times this leads back to my number 1…first aid kit. LOL

Both my boys are a little impulsive. I noticed some women analyze and way options. Not boys typically.

Its weird isn’t it?!?! 

Dudes also think about things from a different perspective. Come on have you ever disagree with someone of the opposite gender because you aren’t reaching the same solution even though neither is wrong. You just would have never thought of that outcome.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus kinda thing!


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Glass of Wine is (or Maybe Isn’t) Optional

Sometimes moms just need a moment or twenty to calm down, re-center to tackle another task.

Some enjoy a glass of wine. Some enjoy coffee that may or may not have Rum Chata in it. Some take a long soak in the tub.

Whichever is picked, its purpose is to recharge your soul.


However I survive raising sons and I know I will, my ultimate goal is to raise good men. Men who are honest, hardworking, independent, responsible  and compassionate. Men who know how to treat others especially women. Men who know the value in a hard-earned dollar and the nothing in life comes free. Men who don’t always have to be right all the time. Men who are considerate of others and the world around them.

Keep Calm Mommas — xx



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