Hello Spring Book Swap

I get down right gitty over book swaps. I have been paired with some awesome people.


So when A Reader In Love on Instagram posted about her annual Spring swap I was all in.

The Deets of the Swap:

  • 1 book about friendship
  • 1 book that reminds you of Spring
  • 1 book from their wishlist
  • Spring Extras are welcome!
  • **You could also get your partner 3 books from their wishlist

I got pair with @quiverfullofgilmore. She is a mom of 3 and an oil lover too. I was excited for our pairing.

For My Partner:

I decided to get her one book from her wishlist and 2 other about friendship/love plus some goodies. I was surprised at how hard it was to find a book about spring.


  • Nicholas Sparks Two by Two (from her wishlist)
  • James Patterson Sundays at Tiffany’s
  • Jane Austen Sense and SensibilityIMG_6714
  • Chocolate (from her survey)
  • An oil reference magnet
  • Cute zipper bag
  • Cancer mug (since her birthday is in July)

I really hope she likes the box I have compiled for her. We shall keep and eye open for her response.

I always like to add a something personal that I made. So for this swap I made the zodiac mug for my girl.

I may have to make me a Leo one.

From My Partner:

Can I just say she hit the nail on the head with my box!!!!!!


  • The Light We Lost
  • The Art of Blending & Fearless
  • The Bride and the Beast
  • Mini notepad, pen and Ring Pop

The Light We Lost was from my wishlist I shared. I loved fact that she took time to get to know me through my Instagram and learned I am an oiler. The Art of Blending and Fearless were oily books that I have been eying but never broke down to get. Her last book pick for me is new but am excited to put it on my TBR list.

These swaps are great for a few reasons.

  1. Its always super fun to recieve a box of goodies in the mail especially with books.
  2. You get to meet someone new who may share similar interests as you.
  3. Its an opportunity to see what other people would pick for you based on your social media posts and how they precieve you.

Writing this post makes me want to go to Instagram and search for anothe one. LOL

Three cheers for book swaps! — xx



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