Planning a Summer with 2 Boys


As you know once that last school been rings, the kids are chomping at the bit to be off there schedule and have some fun.

Its also a time that they easily get cabin fever going from having their days so regimented to no plan at all.

Sometimes my boys can drive me up the wall just days into the summer. I try not to over plan our summer where we are non-stop but I do like to schedule some activities for them.


We have a membership to Yogi Bear Campgrounds which has a location about an one hour from our house. The boys love going and usually ask about it all winter.

There is swimming, mini golf, golf-cart riding, and games to occupy our weekends.


Public Library

We love our public library. Its just down the road from our house. Plus they have great daily activities for the kids like crafts, STEM tasks, bingo, etc.


Swimming Lessons

Both of my kids still participate in swimming lessons. Living in Southeast Louisiana we are no stranger to water of any variety. Knowing how to swim in any environment from the pool to the lake is important to us.


Science Camps

Nathan is all about science right now. So we got him signed up for a science camp with STEM based experiments.

He choose the Mining and Crafting one that is inspired by Minecraft.


Park trips

The local parks are an easy usually unplanned activity for the boys. I do want to make a better to calling their friends to come join us more often.

Come on summer!!! — xx



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