5 Ways to Organize This Summer


With my summer holiday just a few days away, I cannot help but brainstorm things around my house I want to accomplish with the extra time.

Being a teacher, your summers aren’t really free.

One BIG thing I do at the beginning of each summer is do a massive cleaning in my house. Not you standard sweep and mop but a purge of junk that has been collected during the summer year.

Come on… I never get around to spring cleaning due to the fact that is a HOT MESS time of the school year.


I definitely try to figure out what areas of my house are bothering me the most. I am not trying to conquer my whole house.Prioritize-624x416.jpg

My List for this Summer:

  1. Closets
  2. Dressers
  3. Hall Closet
  4. Pantry
  5. Kids School Stuff

Do a Little Bit At a Time

Its important to also enjoy your summer holiday and not run yourself into the ground without any down time.

What kinda break would that be?!?!

Our summer is typically 10 weeks long. So I usually work on one of these task every other week.


Keep A Summer Schedule


Whether you have kids or not, summer is usually a time where we just have more activities, event, vacations planned. Its important to keep them all organized. I set calendar reminders for the event as well as things that need to be done leading up to the event.

People can get scatter-brained and forget things easily when they are busy.

I even keep separate activities bags ready to go like park play bag (with sunscreen snacks and bottled water), pool bag (towels, swimsuits, extra clothes, sunscreen) and an emergency bag (extra clothes, sandals, etc)

Pencil in Some Fun

Don’t forget to have some fun. Summers are usually filling with stuff. For me thats kids d6ab65ebdc99a113fee3dbccce81c61a.jpgactivities. Be sure to have some downtime where you can lounge around and not be rushing around.

Everyone will appreciate those days where nothing is set on the schedule.

Those are the days when me and my boys hang out at home. They stay in their pajamas and play or watch tv. You can typically find me curled not the sofa with a book and some coffee.


Saving Your Sanity

barbecue-bbq-sides.jpgI try to plan my meals out each week.

I am all about only going to the grocery store once a week. You got time for more than that.

I usually try to go for simpler meals in the summer. I am trying to convince my hubby to get a new propane BBQ pit so I can cook more of our summer meals outside.

Who wants to heat their house by turning on their oven….OMG!!! Taking “baking” to a whole new meaning.

Here are some recipes I found that I can’t wait to try.

Happy Summer Y’all! — xx





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