Weekly Wrap Up & Sunday Coffee (5/27)

Hey y’all! Weekly Wrap Up is a bleep where I give quick recap about my blog, reading adventures, and life in general of the past week. I also may include some rambling!


One of the coolest mugs I have seen. I forgot to take a pic at the campground yesterday. Available on Amazon. I wish I had one 😉

  • The Story of Our Lives By Helen Warner

I have been trying to read this for about a week. I am struggling with its jumps through time. I am trying my hardest to keep reading but am quickly losing interest. I may put a pause on this and try again later in the summer.

Grrrr. I hate giving up on a book.

  • Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman


This the next book due back to the public library so I guess it should come next. LOL

Here’s all the posts from this past week, in case you missed it!

Hoping to post more now that summer is in full swing. I have so much more to share. 🙂

The Next Together by Lauren James

My Thoughts:

This was by for one of the strangest books I have ever read. There was several times I struggled to keep reading due to the time jumps. It was hard for me to keep track of what point in time I was reading and remember what was happening.

However, in the last section or two everything came crashing together is a very beautifully orchestrated way. It was a pleasant surprise.

I don’t know how I would feel if I was in a situation like Matthew and Kate. To constantly meet each other in different frames of time, fall in love and be torn apart. Toward the middle when Kate started to put together he clues that this has happened before I was excited for them to make that connection. Then to find out what he true goal was the true shocker.

Here is the Goodreads synopsis:

How many times can you lose the person you love?

Katherine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again, century after century. Each time, their presence changes history for the better, and each time, they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated.

Spanning the Crimean War, the Siege of Carlisle and the near-future of 2019 and 2039 they find themselves sacrificing their lives to save the world. But why do they keep coming back? What else must they achieve before they can be left to live and love in peace?

Maybe the next together will be different…


My reads for next week are:

  • How To Walk Away by Katherine Center
  • Things To Do When its Raining by Marissa Stapley
  • This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpar
  • Love and Other Words by Christine Lauren

Summer is out. Reading is on!!


We took a long weekend camping with the boys and the rest of the family. Everyone had a blast poolside for most of the weekend. It is even more enjoyable now the baby Amelia is coming too. For me, the more the merrier. Here are some picks of our fun family time.

Those kids make camping an adventure. We are cracking up constantly.

The boys have a pretty full June with swimming lessons and camps but we are determined to soak up every moment with our summer vacay.

I am also branching out into a new fitness avenue. I have been following Rebecca Beckler on Instagram for a while. She published a book called the Pilates Suspension Method.

It uses suspension training (aka body weight) mixed in with Pilates and Barre movements to build strength, stamina and lean muscles.

I am excited to venture out to something new. Its been while since I have found a workout that suits me (not since PiYo).

Check her out at Pilates 949. I purchase these suspension trainers from Amazon. They hook on any door. I am not ready to mount a bracket on my ceiling in my house. LOL

  • ENJOY my time off.
  • I am 7 books behind my Goodreads pace and hope to remedy this over the next few weeks.

That’s all y’all…LOL! How was your week? Have you read any of the books I listed…give me the scoop? Any thoughts about my week? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! — xx 








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