3 Ways to Save Money This Summer


As a mom of two son that eat like teenagers, I have tried to find ways that my family can save money this summer especially on food.

Summertime always seems to be a time where more money is spent. Maybe its because we are on the go more. I’m not sure.

My husband who manages our finances has to remind me more this time of year to watch our spending. Sometimes I don’t even notice.

Here is what I came up with…

Plan Your Meals…Be Conscience of Eating Out


Eating out is like a black hole for your money. I am not sure about y’all but my family of 4 eating out at a restaurant is usually over $100.

Needless to say we only eat out about once a month.

During the summer, I try to plan meals ahead of time that don’t take a lot of prep and that involves grilling. Its quick and can be very filling. Plus the added bonus is that usually it brings the family together in the evening. Talk of the day naturally happens.

Sometimes we are just on the road more during the summer going to all those events are activities that we tend to be on the road at meal times. During June and July, I tend to pack a bag of snacks when we leave in the morning if I know we are likely to be driving around a bit that day.

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Find Activities That Are Free

I try to find things to do that are free of charge for the family. Its hard but doable.

For the kids, we frequent that public library. They host a ton of activities for kids and adults alike throughout each month. All you have to do is ask for their event calendar.


The park is also a pick for us. Its usually a first thing in the morning stop because of that smothering Southern Louisiana heat. We make it work.

Pools are also something to do. When we are camping the pool is open daily. Also we have family member who are always offering us to go swim which is great.

What better why to bet the summer heat. Just remember your sun protection. No one wants to crawfish.


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Have Fun @ Home

What better way to save money than to not go to the store where you are tempted to buy things you don’t really need.

Some days we make it a point to stay home. We watch movies, play board games, or just do our own thing individually. I love reading. Cooper likes Netflix and playing outside. Nathan likes Minecraft or learning about science topics.

Who says you have to go somewhere?!

The one thing my kids fuss about is not being home during the school year. However the first thing they ask for over the summer is “Where are we going?”. Sometimes I caught myself thinking that I need to do something.

There is nothing wrong with having some down time. We also love doing Redbox Movie Nights since its too expensive to go to the movie these days.

I love this indoor tent idea. I am stealing it for our next movie night.Tentmovies.jpg

How do you save money in the summer?!?!

Listening to the jingle in my pocket – xx




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