Local Box Swap

Local Box Swap.jpeg

I absolutely love participating in box swaps. I usually gravitate towards one that include books.

However I decided to do one that’s about where I live and sharing it with someone else.

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Picking items that represent you hometown is HARD. How do you put everything great about your town/state in a box.

This is what I picked for my partner who is from Florida…Cause you know Louisiana is known for their food.


  • beignet mix
  • Zapps potato chips
  • Tabasco sauce
  • Louisiana cooking magazine
  • Zatarians Dirty Rice mix
  • A few health bars
  • Bless Your Heart mug
  • A few pampering stuff

In return, my Florida person totally spoiled me. Check out my box from her.


I got a ton of responses over my mickey canteen. The flamingo bag is da bomb cute. My oldest kid is already digging into those chocolates. OMG!! Larabars are my jam all the way.

My eye is always open to these swaps. You get to see how someone perceives you as well a meet new people. Also who doesn’t love getting mail especially a box of goodies.

Swapping is fun!!! — xx



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