Introducing My Tribe of Wild Things


I have made so many new friends through my blog lately that thought an introduction was due…an intro of my family. They are everywhere on my blog obviously I talk about them constantly. LOL

I thought it would be fun.

The Husband


When people say there significant other is the ying to their yang. We totally get that. Matt and I couldn’t be more opposite in most ways.

He is a movie person. I love books.

He likes country and rock music. I listen to everything.

He is a quiet person. I have a motor-mouth.

He is a night owl. I am an early bird.

He is logical. I am more wildflower.

He is serious. I am goofy.

I wouldn’t trade him for the world though. We didn’t have the greatest start but we have grown together over the last 15 years. He is my best friend. He knows me better than anyone else.

He is the calm to my hot mess…LOL

Oldest Son


Nate is move soft-hearted old soul. He is smarter than I ever hope to be. His brain is like a sponge…once in there it sticks.

He goal in life at the moment is to be an Atomic Physicist for NASA and to go to college at Texas A&M since NASA funds their science program.

I know what your thinking…WOW…he is only 8. We have been on this science track for a while. He was studying the midnight zone and bioluminescence the summer going to kindergarten.

Nate P has a level of understanding well beyond his years. I am just hoping to keep up with him on this amazing journey.

To be honest, I am learning a lot.

Youngest Son


As you can see from the pics, Coop is very different from his brother. He is my goofy, 100-mile and hour kid with a dash of sass.

He is sweet and lovey one minute and tackle you the next. I wouldn’t have him any other way.

Coop is the best hurricane to hit my life. He drives me crazy and is a challenge at times but melts my heart.

He is very smart but at the moment as be lazy. Coop is starting Pre-Kindergarten this year so we get to watch him grow and learn this coming school year.

My Tribe




I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a mother. I am so grateful every day that this is the family I was blessed with. We drive each other nuts at times but the memories we make together are pure magic

My biggest hope is to raise good man who know how to treat others especially women as well as be men of integrity and values.




Be kind and grateful y’all — xx




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