A Day Full of Recipes for Father’s Day


Fathers Day isn’t that big a deal in my house. My hubby doesn’t care for all the attention and neither does my father-in-law. However, I like to make them specials treats or dishes to show how much I appreciate everything they do for us.

We are going camping this year for the weekend, so we may not be able to try all of these. If we were home and I got to pick a menu for them, this would be it. I am still trying to figure out how to  make some of these for our camping trip.

Breakfast: To start his day off right!

The biscuits from the new Magnolia Table cookbook are da bomb. Like totally takes me back to my grandmas kitchen Sunday mornings after church. So of course they had to make the breakfast list.

Bacon makes the world better. These bacon heart are just too cute.

My hubby loves Loaded Hashbrowns. Its his go-to order when we are dining out from breakfast time. So this year we will try them out for his special day.

Lunch: May need some more fuel to make it through your action-packed day.

Our daddy loves quesadillas so they had to make the menu. He also loves salsa so I will attempt to make it for him…wish me luck.

He is also a sucker for desserts with strawberries. So I was super excited to find these Strawberry Shortcake kabobs. They are adorable and light.

Dinner: Full table gathering to enjoy everyone’s company.

The hubby just recently went trolling for shrimp and catch white a bit. So a shrimp dish was what first came to mind. Shrimp Kabobs it is…come one who doesn’t love lemon and garlic. I plan to pair that with a caesar salad.

Now dessert is very important in our house since baking is my jam. These s’more cookies are requested all the time from my family even the cub scouts ask for them so I wanted to be sure to share it with you. Nothing says summertime nights like s’mores.

To all the dad’s out there, I hope your day is filled with smiles, laughter and good times.

Happy Fathers Day!!! – xx




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