3 Packing Tips For A Weekend Trip


ptLet just throw this out there…I haven’t been the best packer in the past. On several occasions I have forgotten stuff. But hey you live and learn right.

Everyone has their own strategy when it comes to packing. My struggle isn’t getting packed its how much to pack as well as struggling to pack everything needed.

Its that even a real thing, packing everything you need. {thinking hard about this}

It isn’t  a good thing to run out of stuff but its a pain when you have too much.

Yes I totally understand the old adage “Its better to have too much than not enough.” LOL


However when you are packing for your whole family and are responsible for loading, unloading and washing it all, it grates me to rewash pieces unworn just because they get funky sitting in the suitcase with the dirty ones.

Since we are leaving to go camping this weekend, I thought I would share my strategy to packing for a weekend trip.

There was many camping trips where things were forgotten. You just keep trying.

[Sometimes packing takes everything you got not to go crazy. Hence my duffle bag critter here…HAHA]

#1 – Clothes

IMG_8159.jpgGet clothes out the way first with everyone getting 2 extra sets of clothes. You never know about these summertime showers and getting stuck in the rain.

I lay every out on my bed so its easier to double check myself.

This also includes shoes. Since its summertime we generally stick to flip flips or slip-on sandals. They also don’t take too much space in the case.

Typically my two kids get packed in one bag and the hubby and I have another bag. I try to use the largest duffle bags we have to keep the number down.

#2 – Activity Bag


If you trip requires special activities like swimming, pack a bag just for that with towels, sunscreen, water toys, etc. These things just take too much room in your suitcase with your clothes.

Essentially having bag for pool stuff double for pool duty. You grab the one bag that already has everything you need to head poolside.

I will also throw in this bag DVDs, books, chargers, etc. Since most weekend trips are ones you drive to I don’t stress about having an extra bag. These items come out and are put on a shelf  when its time to go swim.

The boys are also limited to the number of toys they bring. Two kids can equal a ton of toys if not controlled. They each have a small backpack.

#3 – Toiletries

This bag is always the last one to get packed because you are using some of those items daily. I do try to have a travel size of the essentials that can just stay in the bag given that we go camping multiple weekends in the summer.

The hubby has is on dopp kit. I have mine. The kids share one. This one is easier to keep everyone separate.

So at the end of the packing we have two large duffle bags and a pool bag. I don’t think 3 bags is bad for a weekend trip.

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I found these really cool checklists. Might be helpful. Always good to have a plan for packing. Winging it always means this girl forgets a lot.

From A Sassy Life


From Organised Life and Mind


This one from Classy Clutter is a little more specific to ladies.Weekend-Packing-List-791x1024.jpg

Enjoy the sunshine! — xx



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