Oh Man, that Apple Watch


my watch

I got an Apple Watch for Mother’s Day this year. For the past, 6-8 years I have had some sort of fitness tracker from a Fitbit to a Garmin. I love the motivation they provide me.

There is something wanting to beat your number from the day before.

I had eyed the Apple Watch for a while but I know, full well, that Apple does MASSIVE improvements to their products after their initial release. So I waited it out.

Think how much the iPad improved over the first few versions.

So I finally took the plunge.


band.jpegAt first it was intimidating and trying to learn how to navigate everything it had to offer.

If you can move your way around an iPhone then the watch is pretty easy.

I also bought a nicer band that I swap out often when I am dressed nicer. There are a ton on many different websites. This is the one I purchased from Amazon.


Things I Love About It Are…

Activity RingsIMG_8266

Like I said at the beginning, there is something addictive about trying to beat your number from the day before. I was pleasantly surprised by how much motivation this components adds.

The red is your move ring (calories burned), the green is your exercise ring (30 minutes), and the blue is your stand ring (12 hours).

I am on a mission to close all my rings for June. *Ignore the 2nd, I want on a date night with the hubby and wore my dress. Grrr! LOL They so would have been closed because we went bowling 😉 

I didn’t realize how lazy I had gotten. I notice now that I am moving way more that I was before. There have been a few impromptu dance parties to make those rings close.

Also every green dot is a documented workout. My goal for that is at least 4 per week. It sends notifications reminding you to move.



There are a ton of workouts you can choice to fit what you are completing. The two arrows is your “other” options. This is where I log my Pilates. I also use the outdoor walk one.

I feel like there are more choices with the watch than I have had with my other trackers in the past.

Each workout provides some great data if you inclined to track that. These are my two go-to workouts.IMG_8270.JPG

Heart Watch App


I am really digging this heart monitor app. It gives you a ton of information.

This is my vital stats for last week.

It definitely doesn’t replace a doctor but gives you a way to keep an eye on yourself.

I am still learning and playing around with this app.

It is the first app I paid for specifically for my watch. I don’t think $2.99 is bad for a one time purchase.





Ability to send/receive text or calls without my phone

These feature is da bomb. I have been unplugging on our camping weekends by leaving my phone in the camper when we go swimming, etc.

It’s nice to be able to send a quick message if we need something.

Sometimes you can get sucked into  your phone, so its pretty cool that you can leave it behind but still have a means to communicate if you need.

Not my pic.

EXTRA – Calendar Notifications

I love the fact that I get my calendar notifications with or without my phone. I struggle sometimes to keep up with everyone’s activities and meetings so its super cool to get the buzz on my wrist to keep my mindful of these things.

I does push to put all of our obligations into the calendars. It has been helping me out a ton.

Not my pic either.

Do you have an Apple Watch? If so, what so you love the most about it? Are you thinking about getting one?

Still have a lot to learn — xx



4 Comments Add yours

  1. bookishluna says:

    I previously used to have fitbits and such, until about a year ago I got a apple watch. I really love it for a lot of the reasons you do. A bonus for me is the fact I can set timers on it without having to track down my phone or sit near a timer to make sure I hear it go off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. cdfolse says:

      I never thought about the timer feature. What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. bookishluna says:

        You’re welcome! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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