Summer Fling Book Swap

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If you catch my blog, its no mystery that I love swaps. I enjoy meeting new people as well as seeing what books others find interesting.

I have done several swaps by A Reader in Love but this is the first time being paired with a dude.

My first thought was I have two sons and a husband…I got this. Then panic sunk in that I would buy extra goodies for this person who so happens to be a man.

Needless to say, I freaked out for nothing. He was kind and thoughtful. He even emailed me asking if any of my interest/preferences had changed before he went shopping.

You newbies to the swap thing this is how is works.

THE SWAP: (There is a price point to stick to.)
  • 1 Book about Friendship, Summer Love or Wanderlust
  • 1 Book that reminds you of Summer
  • 1 Book From their wishlist
  • Summer Time extras are welcome !
You can swap used books if you and your partner choose to. You can even get your partner books specifically from their wish list.
I prefer to shop exclusively from their wishlist because this are the book they WANT to read/have.
Once all the shopping and mailing are done, you post a pic of your package, tagging your parter, host and swap hashtag. It fun to see what other received/sent.

My Partner David is from Las Vegas. This was his package to me.

All of the books were from my wishlist plus some really good extras.
Oh I didn’t mentioned this before but you get your partner username on Instagram so you can basically stalk them to figure out some of their other interest besides reading.
  • Caraval by Stephanie Garber
  • Guilded Cage by Vic James
  • The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano
  • Book light (My hubby will be happy to not have to endure the bedside lamp at night..LOL)
  • Bookmark  – that are too cute
  • Koozie – HELLO 🙂
  • Outdoor canvas – can go under tents or just staked to the ground to sit on. (Excited about this because of our many scouting adventures.)

These boxes are like Christmas throughout the year. You get downright gitty about them.

My package to my swap partner.


I purchased a 3-book series that was on his list. His survey said he loves iced coffee and trail mix. I added an insulated cup because my hubby loves his and I think he might as well. He also mentioned liking caps so I sent one that represent my area.

He did post on Instagram that he loved his package so THANK GOODNESS. I was still worries about the man partner thing. HAHA

So addicted to these swaps…LOL — xx



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