Weekly Wrap Up & Sunday Coffee (7/1)

Hey y’all! Weekly Wrap Up is a bleep where I give quick recap about my blog, reading adventures, and life in general of the past week. I also may include some rambling!


These are too cute. I am kinda wishing I had one. HAHA

  • Still Me by Jojo Moyes


Finally getting to my own/gifted stack of books. This was my Book of the Month choice back from February…yes I know. I have fallen behind on that reading stack.

Here’s all the posts from this past week, in case you missed it!

By Invitation Only by Dorothea Benton Frank

My Thoughts: 

This book was like sitting on my grandmas porch when all my aunts are gossiping. The Drama was on overload in the best way!!!

The clash of two families who couldn’t be more different. The sparks and spats were great. There was always something around each corner. It was delicious to see how things were going to unfold.

four-starsfour-starsfour-starsfour-stars I WOULD PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER — This book was a really enjoyable read. I really liked it. Some moments I may have even loved.  There may have been a few things that I felt could be improved upon.  Or there may be nothing wrong with the book, it just didn’t blow me away.  I would recommend this book to most people and think most people would really enjoy this book.

Here is the Goodreads synopsis:

In this thoughtful, timely, humorous, and bighearted tale, perennial New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank examines what happens when a young sophisticated Chicagoan falls for the owner of a farm on Johns Island, a lush Lowcountry paradise off the coast of South Carolina-trading the bustle of a cosmopolitan city for the vagaries of a small southern town.

The Royals of Monterra Series by Sariah Wilson

D1V2CRtff0S._SL250_FMpng_.pngMy Thoughts: Royal Date (Book 1)

This was such a lovely quick read. I am moving on to the second. They are both free with my kindle unlimited. 🙂

three-starsthree-starsthree-starsIT WAS GOOD! — This book was good. I didn’t love it and I didn’t dislike it.  There maybe have been a few things that bothered me while reading this book and it may have been slow in parts. I would still recommend this book; it just wasn’t a favorite of mine.

Here is the Goodreads synopsis: Just click the link.

My Thoughts: Royal Chase (Book 2)

Lemon and Dante story was something I couldn’t have predicted by reading the first book of the serious. Their spatting was so fiery and funny. I really enjoyed this quick read.

There was a quote that kinda blow me away…

“The man who loves you will adore you even when you’re old and gray.” The unspoken message was very clear. Even I couldn’t pretend he was talking about something else. “Every line around your eyes would be a time he made you laugh. Every wrinkle in your beautiful face would mark the journey you’d taken together.”

Here is the Goodreads synopsis: Just click the link.

My Thoughts: Royal Games (Book 3)

It’s as a great poolside book and a good next viewpoint in the series.

Here is the Goodreads synopsis: Just click the link.

Book rating scales by Book Reading Like a Boss

My reads for this week are:

  1. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
  2. How to Walk Away by Katherine Center


IMG_8478.JPGWOW did we not have a great weekend camping. We purchased our own travel camper last weekend so this was our first trip with our own. It was wonderful being close to the rest of the family but having our own space.

We spent a ton of time poolside as well as on the water slide. Snowballs were the second best way to beat the heat.

Now its to get ready to leave for the girls weekend in Biloxi on Thursday. Can I just shout out LAUNDRY!!! I will washing my tush off trying to get it all done and myself repacked in jut a few days.

Oil of the Week.jpegReady for the more oily info.

OOLA Fitness


1491884904010.png A specially formulated blend to uplift, energize, and give you inspiration to set and achieve your strength and fitness goals.

I put a drop on my wrist and rubs them together. Then I rub my wrist along the side of my neck. I also take some deep breathes before I start exercising.

You get a bit of mint that in very invigorating.

Its a new oil for me and I am loving it.

  • Get packed to leave Thursday on our annual girls trip to the beach.
  • Get all the camping laundry done.
  • I am 5 books behind my Goodreads pace…slowly steadily catching up to the goal of 106?!?!

That’s all y’all…LOL! How was your week? Have you read any of the books I listed…give me the scoop? Any thoughts about my week? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! — xx 












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