7 Ways to Use Essential Oils in Summer


Summer is by far my favorite season. Sun, poolside, beach, free time….the list could go on and on.

There are also some special ways I use my essential oils in the summer. To be honest, I am not sure we would make it through the summer without them.

We are past usually those toxic crappy products that don’t really help our bodies.

Outdoor Fun – Bug Free

Young Living has really expanded their products over the last few years and one that is a summer rock start in the insect repellant.

In Southern Louisiana, by 7:30ish on any given summer night you could be carried away by the mosquitos. Bugs are a plenty. So this is super handy and overall awesome.

Some details about their repellent which are pretty cool…

Outdoor Fun – Sweet Sunshine

Summer time, longer days…I usually do a lot outside from swimming to yard work. It easy to get forgot to protect our skin. You are either having too much fun or too busy working on a task.
Here is Louisiana we call that “crawfished” when people get too much sun.

There skin is red like a cooked crawfish…LOL

Protecting our skin should be very important. One sun burns are painfully; two we all know what can come from too much sun exposure.

Young Living has a great mineral sunscreen that does have all that dangerous junk in it.

Check it out…

Skin Care – Sun-kissed Skin

Remember that crawfished-skin I mentioned before it totally bites when it happens to you. I feel that I have extensive experience with this. HAHA

When that happens our skin needs relief. Its hot, tight, sensitive to the touch…sometimes its a struggle to wear clothes.

This is were LavaDerm has saved me on multiple occasions. I am famous for having too much fun poolside and forget to reapply my sunscreen.

It is amazing and provides some much needed relief.

Skin Care – Silky Smooth Skin

Ok Ladies… we all know that keeping some of our body parts silky smooth for swimsuit season is a must. No one wants prickly skin poolside.

This Foaming Shave Soap DIY recipes is da bomb. I just picked up a foaming soap dispenser from Walmart for a few dollars and bam I was in business.

Since getting on this wellness journey, I have try out many different recipes in an effort to switch and ditch my toxic chemical-filled products. I really love this one.

Skin Care – Moisturize

My skin can get down right like an alligator in the summer. The humidity is so high here it it makes things feel stinky but I find it dries my skin out so much.

Its a constant battle to keep moisture in your skin. The coconut lime body butter it awesome.

Skin Care – Exfoliate

Once you combat the dry skin, its time to exfoliate that dry flaky skin off. This DIY recipe is pretty great at getting that job done.

Beach Body Trio

This little blend helps so much with curbing hunger and helping your stay trim.


These are just one of the many ways I use essential oils during the summer. I hope you learned something new by reading this.

Enjoy you summer!!! — xx


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Norrie says:

    That body scrub sounds awesome!
    My flatmate was into DIY scrubs a while back, and she made one with coconut oil and used coffee. Somehow she managed to turn the bathtub into a death trap too. It was soooo slippery after the scrubbing, omg 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. cdfolse says:

      Lol. Some scrubs will do that. I use a small amount and it’s better. This scrub is great.

      Liked by 1 person

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