My June Favorites


I can not believe it is July already. I mean where has half the year gone already. Who knows?!

I thought I would recap some of my favorite things during the month of June.

Young Living Mineral Sunscreen


Acure Shampoo/Conditioner

It doesn’t have all that nasty junk in it. This is one of the only hair products that leave my hair truly feeling clean and soft.


Palmarosa Essential Oil

It soothing to the mind and body, bring a sense of security, and supports stress reduction.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

I am kinda addicted to Larabars. This one was given to me in a book swap. Just another Larabar to add to the list of ones I love from them.


Pilates Suspension Method

I am totally loving Rebecca Beckler’s Pilates Suspension Method. She has blended a suspension trainer with traditional reformer Pilates. It is challenging but so worth it. The-Pilates-Suspension-Method-square-360x570

Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren


My review is here.

Time slow down because before we know it Christmas will be here.

Goodbye June, Hello July 🙂 — xx


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