3rd Annual Girls Weekend


Let me just start off with saying that all of us love this weekend because we get to getaway and just worry about ourselves… not our spouses, kids, work, etc.

Its good to do something for you every now and then. Your soul needs it.

Half of us left Thursday afternoon with the others joining us Friday night. We had a blast.

2018 Girls Weekend to Biloxi was awesome.


The girls and I spent time at the beach as well as the poolside. We also hit the bowling alley every night. So many laughs there my side started to hurt. We hit the casino a bit too. I didn’t lose any money but didn’t win big either!

We even caught a cirque-style show.

Just slowing down and relaxing is nice. I didn’t have to cook. In fact I was waited on…LOL!


We also went back to all the great restaurants we have come to in the past. Thursday night we went to Cheryl’s Steakhouse. WOW! That steak was seasoned beautifully and cooked to perfection. I love a steakhouse that doesn’t have steak sauce and doesn’t need it. Friday night’s stop was the Snappers. Other then some weird thing about being fitted, the food was wonderful. Our last night we went to the Half Shell Oyster House. I got the Redfish Orleans with Sweet Potato Creme Brûlée that was out of this world.

If you are ever in Biloxi, you should check out those eats. You won’t regret it.


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Until next year ladies — xx


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