Back to School – Back to Routine



Summer is a magical time to slow down, unwind, relax, etc. Its also a time to have fun, let loose and go on new adventures.

My own kiddos have fully lived up this summer. I haven’t really enforce bedtime or a strict routine so we have seen a lot of midnights.

However school is starting in 22 days, so I order to make my kids the lest grumpy about waking up early some prep has to be done now. LOL

Doing a little work


This week I started the boys doing 30 minutes of practice work each week day whether that be Math or Reading. For Cooper its writing his name and counting.

I am also limited there electronic time as well. During school they are not allowed to have their electronic that just a weekend thing. so this is a necessity.



Also we are starting to crack down on bed time. During school its 8:30, so we will start with 9:30 and get it closer each week leading up to school.

Its hard to wake up early when you go to bed late. HAHA! They don’t get that though.

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Getting Supplies Together


Every year the kids are given a school supply list. These items need to be labeled with your child’s name as well as subjects sometimes. So now that we have their school bags, I am starting to assemble what belongs to which kid.

I kinda love buying school supplies for them as well as my own classroom. I admit to getting excited about buying colored pens, staples, post-its, etc. Yeah, I’m weird. I know it. LOL



We get so used to eating whenever we are hungry in the summer that going most of the morning without eating can be tough. Thats another thing we will slowing adjust. Also I have some prep to do with getting all their lunch bag components together.

There are days that they eat and some they don’t. So I have to get some more divided bento containers, ice packs, thermos and get my lunch fixing skills in check.

The container above is what I got the boys as well as myself. They are from Target. I love how its divided. I have been looking into more balanced ideas for all of us for our lunches.

Pennypinchinmom has this great planning sheet and ideas for kid lunches.


We thrive on routine. I know our back to school would be easier if I would keep our routines through the summer but dang it. Its nice to break the monotony and just go with the flow.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 9.36.33 PM.png

I am wishing everyone a smooth start to their new school year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that is goes well in our house. LOL

Crayons, pencil and folder…OH MY! — xx


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