13 Facts About Me


Since I was born on August the 13th, I thought I would share 13 facts about me. LOL

1. A little ambidextrous

This is not me…by the way. HAHA

I am right-hand dominant but there are things I notice that I do with my left. Like open bottles, tear open wrappers, open doors. Its kinda weird once I realized it. haha

2. I am an “okay” cook but am really good baker.

Bring is totally my jam. My poor hubby, I know, has eaten food that wasn’t all that great and sometimes burnt. My baking, however, is usually always on point. I love the science of baking and how everything has to be measured and precise.

3. I come from a broken home.

I was mainly raised by my mother, brother and extended family who are, by the way, amazing.

4. I usually read over 100 books each year.

I need books like people need oxygen. I love the different perspectives the offer and new adventures. Adventures I couldn’t possible have in real-life. I also enjoy personal growth books.

5. I have one ear that sits slightly lower than the other.


I found this out during my years of orthodontic work. It’s barely noticeable but it makes
me self-conscience when I wear earrings.

6. I have to talk aloud sometimes to process concepts.


It doesn’t bode well with some. Sometimes I know I appear crazy. HAHA

7. I love all genres of music.


My phone is usually the last one picked if someone wants to play music because my music library is too diverse for some. One minute I could be listening to Aretha Franklin then the next song might be something from KISS.

8. My best friend is the same one I had in high school.


She is the best friend I could ask for. Our friendship is cherished.

9. I am a road-hoe.


There are times I like being home but I do get restless. At that point the kids and I will just pick places to go. Sometimes we are gone all day.

10. I love to travel.


I began traveling as a little girl with my family taking vacation away from home. I still love to travel today. I recently made a bucket list of places I want to travel to and see.

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11. I am starting year 12 as an educator.


It’s hard to believe that I have been teaching 12 years already. Some days I feel like a greenie.

12. My nieces call me CeCe.


When my brother’s oldest daughter was born, my mom asked what I wanted to be called. There was a special needs kids around when I was growing up who couldn’t say Carmen so he called me “corn”. With that in mind, I told him that I wanted to be called CeCe.

13. I love to coffee.


Like more than words can say. I don’t drink it for the pick-me-up. I truly love the taste of it. I prefer my coffee hot. I will occasionally drink it cold but that a rarity.

I can’t be the only weird one out there. Share a fact about yourself with me.

Just being me. — xx


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  1. bookishluna says:

    It was wonderful learning a little more about you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. cdfolse says:

      Thank you 😊


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