Weekly Wrap Up & Sunday Coffee (8/19)

Hey y’all! Weekly Wrap Up is a bleep where I give quick recap about my blog, reading adventures, and life in general of the past week. I also may include some rambling!


Sorry no mug pic or wishlist this week. However…

I am super excited about participating in a mug swap this month. I can’t wait to see what kind of mug I will received from my partner. 🙂

  • The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle


Here are the links to my recent posts:

Recent Reads

The Paris Wedding by Charlotte Nash

My Thoughts:

This was such a lovely surprise and not what I thought it was going to be at all. Rachael starts you on this journey of sadness, lose and wondering to a girl who has found herself and her place in the world.

My Rating: four-starsfour-starsfour-stars … I WAS GOOD!

Here is the Goodread Synopsis:

When is it right to follow your heart? From the plains of rural Australia to Paris, the City of Love, lose yourself in this touching and romantic story by the bestselling author of THE HORSEMAN

Ten years ago, Rachael West chose not to move to Sydney with high-school sweetheart Matthew. Instead she stayed on the family wheat farm, caring for her seriously ill mother and letting go of her dreams. Now, Matthew is marrying someone else. And Rachael is invited to the wedding, a lavish affair in Paris, courtesy of the flamboyant family of Matthew’s fiancée – a once-in-a-lifetime celebration at someone else’s expense in Europe’s most romantic city.

She is utterly unprepared for what the week brings. Friendships will be upended, secrets will be revealed – and on the eve of the wedding, Rachael is faced with an impossible dilemma: should she give up on the promise of love, or destroy another woman’s life for a chance at happiness?


My reads for this week are:

These are all I have left from my personally owned TBR pile.


We Survived Week One!

Not much to share. We had our first full week of school. It went by quick and was tiring getting our bodies into the routine again. Cooper started school Friday.

It was very exciting for him. They were both pumped to ride the bus together. I am so happy it was a memorable experience for them.

I did get to meet up with my bestie for our traditional birthday dinner which we do for each of our birthdays every year. I have the best time hanging out with Lauren.

This weekend we mainly relaxed and took it easy. The upcoming week of school should be a little easier as the routine sets in.

Some birthday goodies from my bestie and sister-in-law.

Oil of the Week.jpeg

Stress Away Bath Bombs


Come on who doesn’t love bath bombs…

Especially bath bombs that make you feel like you are on a sunny tropical beach.

Infused with essential oils you get all the amazing benefits to meld the stress away.




  • I need to maintain my 2 books a week to keep pace. Three books per week would finally catch me up. We shall see. :/
  • Take time each morning before I start my days to reflect on my blessings.
  • Keep a manageable to-do list to keep everything on track with everyone’s activities.

That’s all y’all…LOL! How was your week? Have you read any of the books I listed…give me the scoop? Any thoughts about my week? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! — xx 














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  1. Oooh, stress away. I use it in my infuser sometimes. 🙂

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    1. cdfolse says:

      It’s like a vacation in a bottle right?!?! 😁

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