My Favs of Fall!!!

I know I haven’t written in a while. I have the best intentions with my blogging then life happens. The first quarter is school has been a rocky one. I finally feel things are less hectic and more routine now.

♥♥I thought I would share some of my fall favs with y’all along with some life bits.♥♥

red autumn in the park

FYI – South Louisiana never has this kinda of foliage but a girl can dream right?!

→First thing about fall that gets those butterflies going is football but not just any football… LSU TIGER FOOTBALL. GEAUX TIGERS! Don’t mistake that for every Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday kinda ball. That is not me. In fact I find it hard to watch all the other teams. I know that sounds bad but I am selective…LOL! Those Tiger home games are the hubby and I’s fall date nights. We enjoy taking the day to hang out together while cheering our purple and gold boys on. This year we took NP to his first game. He had a blast. He was constantly cheering and shouting for the team. I don’t think he could have had a better time. Our krewe has been there every game to share in the experience too.

→Second thing I love about the fall is the slower pace I feel this time of year. I catch myself reading more books and enjoying more cups of coffee. I have managed to create some more mug designs on my Silhouette to fuel my mug addiction. I also have read some incredible books recently such as: (just to name a few…I will update my book challenge progress next week)

  • Love Arrives in Pieces by Betsy St. Amant (wonderful)
  • A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi (Book 2 of an incredible series)
  • Misadventures of a City Girl by Meredith Wild (Hot and steamy)
  • A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart (oh the tears and laughter shed
  • Elli by Tina DeSalvo (a series set in South Louisiana…felt like it was my hometown)

→Third thing I love about fall is getting some amazing scents going in my essential oil diffuser. I got the Fall Woods blend going today while I sit back and bing on Netflix. Also got a hold of some holiday specials from Young Living that only come around this time of year. I was able to snatch up some Einkorn granola with some cute mugs, MightyVites kids vitamins as well as a diffuser bracelet for NP and a limited eyeshadow by Savvy Mineral makeup from the YL Holiday 2017 Catalog. This is also the time when I need to start drinking some Thieves tea to combat the fall “funkies”. If you are interested in oils, let me know I have tons more to share. 😉

→Fourth thing I love about fall is baking. My granny taught me how to bake during hours bonding. My memories of her and I in the kitchen are precious to me. If I could just bake, in place of cooking, my family would always have something to eat. My cooking skills kinda suck. Fall baking is different from any other time of the year because you have multiple holidays that need sweet treats. I always go digging for new recipes to add to the must-haves like iced brownies, pecan pies, and pumpkin cheesecakes. Here are a few I wanted to share that I will be trying this season:

→Fifth and final NEW fall love is the Louisiana Book Festival. My bestie and I just happened upon it this year. We both felt robbed to find out that it has been going on for over 10 years. Where were we?!?!?! OMG…It was an amazing day in the “red stick”. There were tent after tent with booths with displays sharing local works as well as publishing houses and universities. Tents with activities and readings for the kids looked like fun. Food trucks that had the most delicious aromas filling the air. We also stumbled into a tent that had local authors signing their books and meeting fans. I discovered two new authors who’s books caught my attention. I just had to get a copy signed of each. The bestie and me also found a beautifully, quiet patisserie, Strands Cafe, that had handmade treats and great lattes. We will definitely be making this an annual girl’s day trip each year.

♦♦♦Share you fall favs with me!!!

Happy Fall Y’all! – Carmen



My Birthday #32….They just keep getting better!!!

I have a special connection to August. It is my birthday month…its in my favorite season…growing up school hadn’t started yet. Unfortunately as a teacher, I am in school for my birthday but its all good.

This year I had a pretty amazing birthday weekend. I found an awesome moscato cocktail recipe. I LOVE (yes thats capitals) moscato. I don’t drink often but enjoy the occasional adult beverage…LOL! Its called Berry Moscato. Here is what you will need::

  • Moscato (of your choice)
  • Frozen berries (to choice the “berry” blend of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries)

I was delicious. The frozen berries kept the wine chilled. Then has it defrost it gives your moscato a wonderful berry flavor. YUM!


Saturday morning was a rare event. I wake up to find the whole house already awake. Not often do I sleep in. My kiddos are chickens…haha. We had a quiet morning just hanging out at home. With our lives being so “on the go”, I love when it works out to stay home and relax with the oil diffuser going (that birthday blend was kicking). The hubby goes run errands and come home with coffee and beer…he’s a keeper. If you haven’t tried the Michelob Ultra Amber, you are missing out for sure. That evening we went eat out at our favorite seafood restaurant in town when I have the great idea of getting my two boys to give me a kiss on my cheek for a pic. It turned out to be that they are cute but a pain in the butt to take.

Sunday my hubby decided to cook. Holy Moly…I thought it was going to snow. He can cook but doesn’t every often. I felt so lucky…LOL. My mom and in-laws came over to eat. The brown sugar, bacon-wrapped pork loin with white beans was fantastic. So was the Southern Strawberry cake 🙂

Also a few days before my birthday, we had a new addition to the family. My sis-in-law’s bundle of cuteness Baby A arrived. She’s adorably tiny. I got a few opportunities to get some girlie snuggling in. My rowdy wild things don’t often want to snuggle and their is usually lots of testosterone around here. LMAO!!!! I can see me going snatch her up when I need some girl time.

Another great thing to happen is I read an incredible book that WOWed me.


OMG!!! This was so not what I expected in the best way possible. I have loved Jane Austen since I read Emma for a high school book report. After getting hooked on her books, I began to learn about the author herself. I found her body of work fascinating and always wondered what it would have been like if she was have lived a longer life and wrote more books. This book gave me all of that and much more. The twist and turns were spellbounding. The connection drawn to Jane within the book was one that can only be dreamt. If you are an Austen fan, please read this. You will fall in love with her all over again.


***Sorry this was a long and random post. Its been a while since I posted with school starting and getting our lives back on a routine.

Back to School Season…ALREADY?!

IMG_3160.JPGYes…I know its that time again. As a teacher its a mix of emotions, from sadness that summer almost over to the excitement of meeting my new kiddos. My own kids, however, are ready. My oldest is anxious to see his friends again. He is like a sponge so school never gets old for him. I think I am also ready to get back to a routine. Our summers are just a free-for-all. YEP!

The uniforms are washed and ready. MiMi hooked the boys up with new kicks (shoes). “It has to have the check Momma” is what i kept hearing. School bag is filled with supplies and lunch box matches…LOL! I am on the hunt for a thermos though. My oldest isn’t keen on all the school food so a few days a week we pack him a meal from home. I checked Academy and they only had official “camping” ones for like $30. I think not. I will check Walmart and Target this week. They must have a smaller more kid-friendly thermos. Dunno.

Surprisingly the school supply list wasn’t too bad this year. I know when I make the one for my classroom I try to be conscious of the total cost of the list. We don’t get much if any from the school but no one should get broke buying supplies.

Back to school supplies./////Here are some tips I use for this task you might find useful:\\\\\

***I did do something different this year that you may find useful. I took a pic of the supply list. As I found things, like orange and purple pronged folders (those things are hard to find) I used the “markup” feature in my “photos” to scratch it off. So no matter where I was, I had the list and what was already purchased was marked off already.

***We get our supply list when we get the final report card in May. So what I did was started looking at the stores school supplies sections start the week of the 4th of July. I AM AWARE THATS EARLY…HAHA! Thats usually when stores begin to put out supplies. I was able to grab those hard to grab colored folders and compositions notebooks. Believe it or not, as an educator, those colors make a difference. Many times we will refer to the notebook/folder by color…”Take out your blue Math folder”. Its easier for kids to recognized in a desk full of other things. 🙂

***Take your list and start purchasing in $20 increments each week. Of course I started with the folder and compositions…LOL! Freakin’ colors man!! It helps soften the blow/cost when you can get a little bit at a time.

IMG_3161.JPGAlso while we were stocking up for the beginning of a new school year, we  made sure we were good to go with our essential oils that the boys use regularly. These bottle of awesomeness support my kiddos (and lets be honest here…my hubby and I) with our emotions, homework/study time and sleep quality. School is very stressful these days for kids. The stacks are very high at a young age. We find that in moments where we have a homework tantrum, test anxiety or trouble falling asleep due to worry, our oils helps us get through. If you would like me to help you learn about essential oils, just click my “contact” button.

2nd Annual Girls Weekend


2017 Girls Weekend to Biloxi was great –our 2nd annual in fact. We added an extra day this year, going over on Thursday and leaving on Sunday. Its always good for the soul as a woman to hangout and spend time with other women. Am I right???

The girls and I spent time at the beach as well as the poolside. We hit the casino a bit too. I only lost $10- GO ME! Just relaxing and enjoying a slower pace, is alway nice.

We also ate at some great restaurants. Thursday night we went to Snappers where their shrimp platter was delicious. Friday night’s stop was the Half-Shell Oyster house. I got the Blackened Grouper with Sweet Potato Creme Brûlée that was phenomenal. The brûlée is out of this world. Our last night’s supper was at Cheryl’s Steakhouse. OMG! That steak was seasoned beautifully and cooked to perfection. I love a steakhouse that doesn’t have steak sauce and doesn’t need it.

If you are ever in Biloxi, you should check out those eat joints. You will not be disappointed.

~Until next year ladies… 🙂

**Book for the Trip!


I read Zodiac by Romina Russell. This book was a great surprise. I will admit I was attracted to the cover art as well as the mythology of the zodiac we know. I wasn’t expecting it to be this girl that is thrown into this amazingly terrifying journey through the world that consist of groups of people that belong one of the 12 zodiacs. The ringer is that a mystery arises of a 13th zodiac. It is considered YA but sometimes (for me) they are the best and most exciting reads.

Reading Challenge Update #6

Another checked from the list and I am loving all of my choices so far. I just finished #8 – “a book published in 2017”

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah Maas (May 2, 2017)Untitled

I can say that I haven’t been disappointed in this series yet. This is the 3rd installment. In a world where the magical are separated from the humans by a wall, Feyre is a human that is thrusted into this incredibly dangerous world. The magical world is split into courts. It is so spellbounding. Since I have traveled through 3 books, Feyre journey is filled to the brim with danger, love, and drama with twist and turns mixed in. If you like otherworldly books, this series is for you.

I also just finished another book that wasn’t on my list but I am so happy a picked this one up.636067083719787945-1766573268_All-the-Light-We-Cannot-See-by-Anthony-Doerr

This was one of the most riveting books I have read. The separate yet intertwined journey of Marie (a blind French girl) and Werner (an orphan who ends up in the German military) was spectacular. I felt such a range of emotions its hard to know where to being describing. I will admit that I do gravitate to historical fictions from time to time. Even though World War II stuff is sometimes hard to swallow, this book was truly amazing. What a whirlwind you get swept up in. Just read it for yourself.

Updated Challenge List:


My completed list:

  1. a book you chose because of the cover – Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
  2. a book you’ve previously started but never finished – A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Grey
  3. a book by an author you already love – King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard
  4. a book that everyone is raving about – A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
  5. a book recommend by your partner or a friend (bestie) – Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
  6. a book to ‘expand your horizons’ – The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer
  7. a book considered ‘a classic’ – To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  8. a book published in 2017 -A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah Maas (May 2, 2017)
  9. a book by an author you’ve never read – The Sun is also a Star by Nicole Yoon
  10. a book you’ve been meaning to read – Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
  11. a book set in a city you want to travel to – Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey
  12. a book that has been turned into a movie – The Shack by William P. Young


I am going to read Girls in White Dresses next then move to To Kill A Mockingbird.

***Share with me some of your recommendations. I love hearing what other people are reading and enjoying.

-Happy Reading

Just the Four Folses Taking a Vacay!

2017 Folse Vacation!!!

NP has a goal to be an astronomer. He has had this aspiration for a while. So in the spring the hubby and I decided to make the drive to Texas and take him to NASA.


So we were off to experience Texas. We trekked the 5.5 hours from our home to Webster, TX. The boys did great on the road. They quickly became some travel pros.



I can tell you all of us totally geeked out. NASA was awesome. There are so much to see and so much information to absorb. It was incredible. NP loved it. We even took the tram ride to see the NASA compound and Rocket Park.

We were actually supposed to make another stop to another place for the boys to experience but ended up staying at NASA for 4 hours.


After riding high from NASA, we meet up with my step-sister who lived not far for dinner. She brought her little girls. Our kiddos finally got to meet. We ate at a place called Jimmy Changa’s. The food was great. They even had this outdoor play area for the kid which was great after having the kids in the car for hours the night before and at NASA for hours earlier that day. I have missed her so it was nice catching up.


DAY 2 – The Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Children’s Museum

We will continued to have geeked out moments on our second day. The Houston Museum  of Natural Science was INCREDIBLE! We saw dinosaur fossils, crown jewels, huge gemstones, as well as Egyptian and Roman artifacts.


The Houston Children’s Museum is on crack…Sensory overload in the best way including an outdoor water area. Event the hubby and I were like kids.


Needless to say we had an AMAZING time on our 2017 Summer Vacation. It was busy, exhausting but an experience with my boys that was priceless.


This was our first “road-trip” with the boys. Here are some things I learned about traveling with my kiddos:

  • Pack easy snacks like crackers, gummies, honey grahams, chex mix **Also bring cups/bowls that you can pour into….every car has cupholders. Less mess!!!
  • Bring things to keep them occupied like color books, tablets, DVDs
  • Comfy things are a necessities like blankets and pillow for napping
  • Potty stops about every 1-1.5 hours. My little one wasn’t asking on the journey even though he asks at home. So we made a point to make pit stops.
  • Pick meal places that provide energy-releasers like a play areas. Being coped up in the car can be hard for them.
  • Find a hotel with an indoor pool. It was by sheer accident this happened, but ended as a blessing. It was hard to contain them in the hotel room in the evenings after supper. So the pool was a nice option.


My Life Runs on Coffee and Essential Oils.

Not a day goes by that I don’t drink a few cups of coffee as well as use a hand full of oils each day. They are my saving grace. I am no where near the person I was a year ago in terms of my overall wellness and emotions. White Angelica and Stress Away have helped me keep my crazy at bay when life seems to have me frazzled. Thieves allows me to support my immune system to work at tip-top shape.

What started as a purchase of the Young Living Premium Starter Kit about a year ago, has now transformed into a more natural non-toxic lifestyle.When we started looking at the items around our house, it got down right scary.

Since then, the hubby and I agreed to branch out into different aspects of our house and lives to make changes. Our new focus has become supplements. They are amazing. We are loving how they make us feel and the fact that everything in them in natural.

Here’s our Round 1 picks…IMG_2523

Multigreens is a “green drink” in a capsule form. I surely don’t eat enough greens. It helps with my stamina.

Essentialzymes is designed to help improve and balance your digestive system. It helps when you just need help getting regular.

Super B help sustain healthy energy levels. I can definitely tell the difference if I forget to take it.

Agilease supports and promotes joint and cartilage health. I ain’t getting any younger.

Ningxia Red supports energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole-body and normal eye health. Its a tangy drink made from the wolfberry as well as plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices. Ningxia also contains Lemon, Orange, Yuzu, and Tangerine essential oils.

***I also feel very blessed to be part of the Young Living family in terms of business. Just sharing my love of essentials oils has opened so many financial freedoms we wouldn’t have other wise like getting my hubby a new truck a year earlier than we projected. YL also spoils us big time. I got some happy mail from them filled with SWAG.


****They just released a ton of new products like a baby line, makeup line as well as new outdoor products and oils.

That diffuser is DIVINE! We decided that our supplements Round 2 will be Super Cal Plus, Aminowise, and Alkalime. We are also trying Mineral Sunscreen, Bug Repellent, After Sun Spray as well as a new oil “Fulfill Your Destiny”. I will keep you posted on our thoughts on those.

I think the makeup is the next thing I want to start incorporating into my life and get out the chemical-filled ones. I am all for positive change now that we know better about ingredients.


*****Also it is so hard to contain my excitement but the hubby and I will be visiting the YL lavender farm in Mona, Utah next summer as well as attend their international convention. I am thrilled to be able to see the distillation process first hand. I love that fact the this company has an open door policy and encourages people to visit their farms.


Isn’t that gorgeous?!?!



Life Just Gets Away From You Sometimes

I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Life got away from me for sure. With the end of school and start of summer we having running around like some chickens…LOL. Let me catch  you up on the happenings around here.

NP finished first grade with a  bang. He was recognized and received many awards. He even grow an inch since the first day. He has changed his career aspirations from an artist to an astronomer. Slow down dude!!!IMG_2077

NP also had is ceremony to move from a Tiger to a Wolf in Cub Scouts. He loves all the dudes in his den and the fun activities they do. He works hard for his adventure loops and patches. We even pulled off a “campfire” cake for the big party…not too shabby if I say so myself.IMG_2519

We started our camping season as well. We have made a few trips so far and had a blast. The kids love the adventure, the guys love throwing horseshoes and I just love that everything seems to be a little slower. There were some serious Pedro and Yatzee games that went down.IMG_2520

I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law. Everything turned out amazing with help from our families. Now its just to want patiently for Baby Amelia’s arrival in August.IMG_2521

We have had swimming lessons for both boys, activities at the library, playset assembly in the backyard, movie date to see Cars 3. We may be busy but boys and I are having a blast.IMG_2522

The hubby and I had an amazing date night last week. It was very impromptu. Grandma had stopped by to see the boys’ new playset. Then the next thing I know they convinced her into a sleep over. Sometimes you need a pause away from the kiddos and remind yourself that your spouse needs attention too. We went to a local restaurant called Boudreaux and Thibodauxs. We actually had forgotten about it. So happy we remembered it and went by. The food was incredible: crab fingers, seafood special, redfish coubillion, and the Turtle on da Half-Shell (dessert). Needless to say we ate WAY TOO MUCH but enjoyed our night out.IMG_23582017 Reading Challenge update!!!!!


My completed list: 6 books left…six month of the year left. Not a bad pace!

  1. a book you chose because of the cover – Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
  2. a book you’ve previously started but never finished – A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Grey
  3. a book by an author you already love – King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard
  4. a book that everyone is raving about – A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
  5. a book recommend by your partner or a friend (bestie) – Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
  6. a book to ‘expand your horizons’ – The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer
  7. a book considered ‘a classic’ – To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  8. a book published in 2017 -A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah Maas (May 2, 2017)
  9. a book by an author you’ve never read – The Sun is also a Star by Nicole Yoon
  10. a book you’ve been meaning to read – Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
  11. a book set in a city you want to travel to – Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey
  12. a book that has been turned into a movie – The Shack by William P. Young

# 8 – Done! Sarah Maas’ Court of Thorns and Roses Book 3IMG_1730

I have fallen head over heals in love with this series. I also hate when you find a series at the beginning of its release. Its hard to wait for the those to come out…usually one a year.

I also just picked up Gone with the Wind from library. My bestie gave my To Kill a Mockingbird for my birthday last year. We will be leaving for a short road trip this weekend with the boys so I have a stack of books for the journey. Hoping to knock out a few more from my list.

*** None challenge related but I stumbled upon another series just beginning. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. OMG!!! The web of these 3 sisters was beautifully intoxicating. It was a little slow to start because you are building background for three completely different sisters. However by the end I will drooling for more. Sadly the next one will not be released until September.


(FYI…this is not my pic. I read this electronically from the public library but I will be getting my own copy.)

New Things…New Possibilities

I have been making an effort to get healthier and more “whole”…”natural”. Upon these new things and changes, I have stumbled across some amazing goodies.

First off is the Balanced Bites podcast. I discovered Diane Sanfilippo through the Practical Paleo book. It was amazing to look at food differently and have outlines for your different health needs. The podcast has a wide array of episodes. The one I am listening to now is #287 that interviews Robb Wolf. They discuss his new book about Wired to Eat. I am totally hooked into this episode that I have been walking around my house with my ears buds. I just want to though this out there…I am not a fitness or nutrition guru. I have been researching and reading about how my overall wellness is affected by so much from lack of sleep, stress, poor habits, emotions, etc.


Another thing I have recently purchased was some new seasoning. Since my January Sugar Detox food taste differently. I wanted to purchase some paleo seasoning. I am no longer comfortable with some of the seasoning that are available at my local store. There are 4 seasoning in this set. I only bought 3 because they seem to have the blend of spices that my family would be most receptive to. I will try to post some dishes when I use them.IMG_1138

I also have been using the AsanaRebel app. I really enjoyed the 15 minutes daily workouts. They are quick and easy to fit into my day. I was not to sure at first about only a 15 minute workout. I am used to going to group classes that last an hour or some at-home programs that are equally as long. I can say with confidence after 6 consecutive days of using the app I feel a different. The sore muscles are definitely there. I purchased the PureBarre workout DVDs (I mentioned them in a previous post). I am hoping to get them in by the end of the month.1489160838522

The hubby also mailed me a fabulous gift I have only had my eye on for over a year. I must have spent hours playing around on it making some goodies. The possibilities are endless. My mind is reeling over the projects I have yet to dream up. I am so gitty I can’t contain myself.

I learned calligraphy from my Granny when I was on junior high. So when I stumbled upon this amazing Instagram – Chalk Full of Love. When I learned about their hand lettering I had to get it and pick up another hobby. I am so excited to get started on something new.IMG_1165


**Reading Challenge update – I am still on pause with the challenge. I am elbow deep in The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. I have never read mystery/suspense. I am not sure I will have finger nails left when I reach the end.

Workouts, Oils, Gender Reveal, OH MY!

This week felt different in terms of every day has been packed to the gills. First Monday is Cub Scouts of curious. The boys are nearing the end of the adventures. They will have their “rank-up” ceremony in May. NP will move from Tiger to Wolf. I do not regret allowing NP to be in scouts. It has push him out of his shell.

Wednesday is religion which is almost over for the school year as well. It has been interesting having NP talk and ask questions about our faith.

I had a great evening Science meeting where I learned some great hands on science activities and the direction that the new state standards will require. Much more STEM…science, technology, engineering and math. All the things that make science COOL.

I have also discovered some amazing oil blends this week. I have had some diffuser (leather) bracelets for about a month. I wore them…they are cute.  I started putting on drop of oil on the underside where it contacts my skin for a topical result. I am in love  with these 3. Stress Away for exactly what it says, Awaken to open my eyes to the possibilities of the day and Excite because there is something everyday to get excited about.

We diffuse every night as well but these trio has been FANTASTIC. One of my fellow oil friends posted this in on of our Facebook groups (I like Tuesday). We were worn out by then so I thought we would try. I fixed this blend in all 3 diffusers and it was heaven. We all rested very well and woke up refreshed. I LOVE MY ESSENTIAL OILS.

I also started Round 2 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox this week. I has been harder than the first round. After Mardi Gras I felt “blah”. We drink, ate…well, and had a blast but my body paid for it. I have been thinking since this week has not gone that great I may restart Monday. I wasn’t as prepped as I normally am plus we are hosting my sister-in-law’s gender reveal party this weekend. Yeah…I think I may need a do-0ver. Also I am struggling to be consistent with my workouts. I already wake up around 5 am. I have been using this as my “quiet time” to read or blog. I have always love Chalene Johnson’s PIYO. I have done more rounds of that than I can count. I was my soulmate workout. However I am thinking that since I am struggling to do those workouts regularly then maybe I need to look at something new. I was taking BARRE classes at my local fitness studio last summer and loved it. After some searching for something in DVD or streaming format, I think I have decided on Pure Barre DVDs.PUreBarre

My only concern is that their is no schedule from what I can tell to incorporate these DVDs together. I will have to do some internet surfing to see if anyone has put together an outline. I am really excited to give this a try. My nutrition has improved greatly over the last few years. Since building our house I found the eating has stayed great but the fitness has slacked big time. I know my little family is always running around with our obligations. However, I am beginning to feel like this may give me what I need… some time for me. Plus I used to love working out. I loved that feeling when a workout was finished and when my body felt stronger. YES YES YES. I want to do this and get that part i loved so much back.

The hubby and I also hosted his sisters gender reveal for her baby Saturday. What a fun time we had. The house was full of laughter and kids running around…bliss.IMG_1097

And what do you know, my two rowdy boys will be getting a sweet baby girl…Amelia Hayli. we couldn’t be happier for them. With the hubby being Paron, we can’t wait to get the opportunity to by the cute ruffly girlie stuff.17308956_1804155139837399_3005194192307074696_n