Holly Jolly Baking

I know I have been MIA for a little while. I haven’t been reading much either. It’s been sprint to get from our Thanksgiving break to our Christmas break. My kids are done and so am I. I got the idea to put together all of  my favorite (let’s face it successful) baking ventures into…

First Venture Into Bread

My husband is in LOVE with bread. That addiction has been amplified since him and I started watching The Great British baking show. I have to admit that bread has even been on my radar even though I love to bake. The whole proving the bread thing was always a turn off. It gave me…

Fall Baking Update

Once I troll for new recipes that or seasonal or holiday related, I just can’t help but try them out. So out of the 6 I blogged about in Fall Must Try Recipes I have been able to try out four of them at the mercy of my follow colleague who have try out my attempts.  …

Fall Must Try Recipes

I love a ton of things about FALL…fuzzy sweaters, leggings, warm blankets, coffee, college football, holidays and BAKING! It’s the perfect time to try out new baked goodies. I have the standard requests from the family. Check out my post Oh Holiday!!! These are just a few that I hope to try out over the upcoming…

My June Favorites

I can not believe it is July already. I mean where has half the year gone already. Who knows?!

I thought I would recap some of my favorite things during the month of June.

7 Recipes to Celebrate Independence Day

You know by now I am always looking for recipes to go with a holiday or celebration we are having. So with the 4th of July being tomorrow, I’m going to share some recipes I am really excited to try for this holiday.

Champagne Cake…OH YES!!!

I am such a WordPress troll. If you haven’t surfed the reader, people are putting some great stuff on there.

OK on one of my many exploration sessions, I found  a recipe for a Champagne cake by Katie Bird.

I followed the recipe she posted and shocked myself. I consider myself a baker but sometimes when you try a new recipes, you are always scared it will come back inedible.

A Day Full of Recipes for Father’s Day

If I could plan a day of special treats and dishes for the men in my life, these would be it. We are camping this weekend do I will have to get creative in figuring out how to make some of these happen. I hope you enjoy the menu I put together.

5 Healthy Cool Summertime Desserts

I love putting together recipes for either by holiday or by season. I love baking and making sweet treats to share with others.

Everyone know I can’t cook so baking is my jam.

Here are some light, refreshing and cool summertime treats.

Every May Holiday Needs Desserts

Its always been a thing in my family  to have desserts and tons of them at gatherings and holidays. So I thought since May has Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, it would be fun to put together a list of dessert that we love and some that we want to try out this year.