7 Recipes to Celebrate Independence Day

You know by now I am always looking for recipes to go with a holiday or celebration we are having. So with the 4th of July being tomorrow, I’m going to share some recipes I am really excited to try for this holiday.

Champagne Cake…OH YES!!!

I am such a WordPress troll. If you haven’t surfed the reader, people are putting some great stuff on there.

OK on one of my many exploration sessions, I found  a recipe for a Champagne cake by Katie Bird.

I followed the recipe she posted and shocked myself. I consider myself a baker but sometimes when you try a new recipes, you are always scared it will come back inedible.

5 Healthy Cool Summertime Desserts

I love putting together recipes for either by holiday or by season. I love baking and making sweet treats to share with others.

Everyone know I can’t cook so baking is my jam.

Here are some light, refreshing and cool summertime treats.