Cabana Bash 2018

My family has always gotten together to hangout. It was always my grandmother usually cooking on the weekend and we would all go over. Since her passing, my aunt has taken it over. We have done a trip to Biloxi, camped in Percy Quinn, and cruised together for my brother’s wedding. It has been 2…

My Bucket List of Places to See

My family always gave us opportunities to see new places and have new experiences. Its something I brought into my marriage. Little did I know my hubby would take to traveling so well.

I have been thinking about the places I want to see. Some are within my own home country of the USA and other are abroad.

So here goes…

7 Recipes to Celebrate Independence Day

You know by now I am always looking for recipes to go with a holiday or celebration we are having. So with the 4th of July being tomorrow, I’m going to share some recipes I am really excited to try for this holiday.

2nd Annual Girls Weekend

2017 Girls Weekend to Biloxi was great –our 2nd annual in fact. We added an extra day this year, going over on Thursday and leaving on Sunday. Its always good for the soul as a woman to hangout and spend time with other women. Am I right??? The girls and I spent time at the…